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The Great Reset Group (WEF) Predicts Cataclysmic Changes In 2024

According to a recent report issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the world will face “cataclysmic” changes by 2024 that could have far-reaching implications for global society and economies as we know them today.

The question I have right out of the chute is, could they actually be working to cause the coming crisis’?

When they talk about the coming cyber attacks, alarming words like “catastrophic” and “apocalypse” are frequently used. (Check out an article from Jan. 25, 2023, by Popular Mechanics titled “A Catastrophic Mutating Event Will Strike the World in 2 Years, Report Says”. 

During the COVID pandemic the WEF heavily advanced their globalist agenda; The Great Reset.


Klaus Schwab , the WEF founder and chairman also warned in 2020 of a coming major cyber attack that will make the Covid pandemic look like “a small disturbance.”


Jeremy Jurgens, the managing director of the World Economic Forum, stated at the WEF’s annual summit in January 2023 that a major cyber attack would likely take place before 2025.

The odds are, in my humble opinion, is that Jurgens has access to insider globalist information and knew what he was talking about when he made that comment at the outset of 2023, then that would leave 2024 as the year for this horrific event to go down, because it would have to happen before 2025.

While these predictions are unsettling, understanding what they mean and how we can prepare ourselves is essential if we are to ensure a more secure future for all of us.

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The Impact of Changes on Global Society: The WEF report warns that technological advances, climate change, economic shifts, social unrest, and geopolitical tensions could combine to create an environment of extreme volatility between now and 2024.

As a result, almost every aspect of life could be affected – from job availability and income levels to political stability and access to resources like food and water security.

Furthermore, it is possible that existing divisions among countries will become even deeper due to growing distrust between nations.

How We Can Prepare for These Changes: It may not be possible to prevent all of the cataclysmic changes outlined in the WEF’s report, but there are steps we can take now which can help us prepare for them before they occur or mitigate their impact once they do arrive.

Some solutions, according to globalists, is for governments to ensure “adequate” investment in infrastructure projects such as resilient energy grids.

In their “equity” push, as part of ESG scoring, they insist businesses should focus on sustainability initiatives. In addition, individuals “must” strive towards financial security; and citizens everywhere should seek out ways to build bridges across cultures rather than allow existing divides to become even wider apart in response to the boogie man in the room; fear-mongering rhetoric from political leaders or media outlets.

They will continue working with the Biden administration to pressure Americans to stop seeking only their own gain from these developments instead of working together towards “collective” solutions that benefit everyone equally regardless of national borders or other boundaries imposed upon the sovereign nations.

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Conclusion: It is clear from the warnings issued by the World Economic Forum that there are significant changes ahead – both good and bad – which will affect us all profoundly over the next few years if not sooner depending on how quickly things develop around us right now .

However, with proper planning, effective communication, sound leadership, strong collaboration between all parties involved and thoughtful preparation focused on long-term solutions rather than short-term gains, they insist the global community can be prepared when those cataclysmic changes finally arrive.

But, for those of us who love liberty, we must me aware of the WEF, UN and WHO agendas working to put roadblocks in place hoping to slow/stop the formation of a New World Order.

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