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Child Sex Sting Operation Disrupted by Portland Activist Concerned About ‘Brown Person’

In a controversial incident in Portland, a woman intervened in a child sex sting operation, claiming concern for the racial safety of the alleged perpetrator. The operation, conducted by People v. Preds, targeted Samuel DiGiovanni, who believed he was meeting a 14-year-old girl for sex. DiGiovanni arrived with condoms, evidencing his intent as gathered through text messages and explicit photos sent to an undercover decoy.

White leftist Portland woman tries to save “brown” man allegedly meeting child for sex. Video:

The sting unfolded at the downtown waterfront, where the activist, identifying as a local mutual aid worker for the homeless, stepped in. She expressed concern that DiGiovanni, a “brown person,” might be harassed, emphasizing her role in safeguarding marginalized communities. This intervention momentarily interrupted the sting operation, during which the woman questioned the treatment of DiGiovanni, despite his explicit intentions towards a minor.

The activist’s actions were recorded and shared by People v. Preds, highlighting the tension between protecting potential victims and concerns about racial harassment. The organization confronted DiGiovanni, who declined to explain his presence, while the activist reiterated her concern for his safety based on his race. Her statement, “I just wanted to make sure that the brown person was safe because we take good care of black and brown people in this city,” has sparked significant debate.

“I live in the neighborhood and I do a lot of mutual aid for the houseless,” she said.

Portland Police did not respond to the scene, directing People v. Preds to report the incident to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This decision has raised questions about law enforcement’s handling of such sensitive and potentially dangerous situations. Critics argue that immediate police intervention could prevent future incidents and ensure that those targeting minors are held accountable.

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This incident reflects broader concerns about the priorities of certain activist groups in Portland, where the focus on racial issues sometimes overshadows clear cases of criminal intent. The conservative perspective emphasizes the necessity of unequivocally supporting law enforcement in protecting vulnerable populations, particularly children, from predators. The prioritization of racial identity over criminal behavior is seen as a dangerous precedent, potentially enabling further harm to minors.

In contrast, the activist’s stance underscores a growing sentiment among some Portland residents, where racial equity and the treatment of minorities are paramount, even in situations involving criminal activity. This perspective, while rooted in a desire to protect marginalized groups, has faced criticism for potentially undermining justice and safety.

The case of Samuel DiGiovanni highlights the complex interplay between race, justice, and community activism. For conservatives, this incident serves as a clarion call for stronger law enforcement and a re-evaluation of priorities in community activism. Protecting children from sexual predators must remain a primary focus, irrespective of the racial dynamics involved.

Safeguarding minors from sexual exploitation should never be compromised by other social concerns. Effective law enforcement and community vigilance are essential in ensuring that those who prey on children are swiftly brought to justice.

As debates continue, the incident at Portland’s waterfront stands as a poignant example of the need for clarity and firm action in addressing crimes against children. It is imperative that societal values prioritize the protection of the innocent and the enforcement of laws designed to safeguard the most vulnerable among us.


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Ella Ford is a mother of two, a Christian conservative writer with degrees in American History, Social and Behavioral Science and Liberal Studies, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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