RINO Replaced, Former Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Replacing Ben Sasse In US Senate

There is some good, and not-so-good news coming out of Nebraska.

RINO Senator Ben Sasse, an arrogant outspoken critic of Donald Trump, officially resigned from Congress on Sunday, good news.

But on a not-so-positive note, the person filling his Senate seat has also had some public disputes with the former president.

On Thursday, former Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts was announced as the replacement for Sasse, who is leaving politics to serve as president of the University of Florida. Ricketts was picked for the role by the state’s current governor, Republican Jim Pillen.

The appointment came even after some fellow Republicans expressed reservations about Pillen selecting a benefactor of his.

Ricketts helped Pillen, a veterinarian and hog farmer, win his party’s nomination after a contentious primary race featuring several candidates, including one endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Sasse has long bashed both Trump and his supporters.

He was the first GOP senator in 2021 to publicly say he’d mull action to boot Trump from the White House. He also joined six other Republican senators in voting to convict the former president for inciting the Capitol riot.

The Nebraska Republican Party later rebuked Sasse for his vote and continued attacks on President Trump and his supporters.

In response, Ben Sasse dismissed that rare rebuke and lashed out at the Nebraska GOP saying, “Most Nebraskans don’t think politics should be about the weird worship of one dude.”

Ricketts, a Republican, will serve for two years before a special Senate election in 2024.

Ricketts will run for a full six-year Senate term in 2026.

“I’m very grateful for this unexpected opportunity to continue to serve the people of Nebraska,” Ricketts said at a press conference, adding that he wanted to thank Sasse for his service.

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Fox News reported:

“Governor Pillen said 111 people applied for the vacant seat, of which they interviewed nine. But Pillen said it was clear that Ricketts was the only one person for the job.”

“I don’t believe in placeholders. I believe that every day matters,” Pillen said, adding that “placeholders don’t have any accountability to the people.”

“The appointment came even after some fellow Republicans expressed reservations about Pillen selecting a benefactor of his.” 


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