BOOM – Popular Centrists Joe Rogan, Bill Maher Blast Progressive Politics. Say Woke Activists Like KKK

During a recent podcast, two self-described “liberals”, Joe Rogan and Bill Maher, criticized the insanity of progressive policies.

As someone who typically doesn’t share the same views of both men, especially considering their similar rejection and open mockery of Christianity, I can give a thumbs up to most of their views in this podcast.

The cultural and political commentators also questioned the authenticity of the black lives matter movement, questioned so-called “gender-affirming care,” and discussed the dangers of equity versus equality.

Rogan said of Maher, “I think they look at you like a guy who they’re worried about because you don’t toe the line. You’re like a 90s liberal. You’re like liberals back when they were more reasonable before they became leftists. And now every liberal, kind of has to be a leftist. If you want to be on the team, you got to subscribe to the most fringe ideas that the team is promoting.”

Maher added, “I’m always trying to make the case that liberal is a different animal than woke. Because it is. And you can be woke with all the nonsense that now implies, but don’t say that somehow it’s an extension of liberalism. Because it’s most often actually an undoing of liberalism. So you can have your points of view and your positions on these things, but don’t try to piggyback on what I’ve always believed.”

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“I have always believed, as liberals do, for example, in a colorblind society, that the goal is to not see race at all, anywhere, for any reason,” Maher said on the most recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

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“That’s what liberals always believed, all the way through Obama going back to Kennedy, everybody, Martin Luther King,” the host of Real Time with Bill Maher added.

“That’s not what the woke believe,” Maher said.

“They believe race is first and foremost the thing you should always see everywhere. Which I find interesting because that used to be the position of the Ku Klux Klan. That we see race first and foremost everywhere.”

Rogan said he believes extreme poverty and extreme crime are a major issue. He said he tried to understand the woke ideology, but instead believes that the best solution is equality and not equity.

Rogan noted that having too many progressive policies attempting to achieve equity could lead to lawlessness like in San Francisco and Portland. He noted that stores in San Francisco had to lock up frozen food because of rampant shoplifting.

Maher added, “Liberalism was never ‘shoplifting is progressive.’ And we weren’t interested in legalizing shoplifting, or I guess we should call it ‘justice shopping.'”

Click to Watch the segment ––Bill-Maher-Blast-Progressive-Politics

Hopefully, both men repent and turn to Christ, which in the end is the only issue and truth that matters.

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