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J.K. Rowling Blasts Lack of Outrage as Jewish Children in U.K. ‘Advised to Hide Their Identities’ Amid Hamas Terror in Israel

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is thoroughly disgusted with the blasé attitude too many of her British countrymen seem to have over the terror attacks on Israel, especially after children were warned to hide their Jewish identity to remain safe while walking to school.

Rowling took to her X account to highlight a letter to the editor sent to the UK Times in which a Jewish mother alerted readers that her children and their classmates were warned not to wear any overtly Jewish clothing outside as they walked to school.

“We said ‘never again.’ The UK was a safe haven,” Rowling wrote in her Oct. 12 X post.

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“Now, after the biggest massacre of Jews since the holocaust, British Jewish children are being advised to hide their identities as they walk to school, for their own safety. There should be mass outrage that this is necessary,” she wrote.

Rowling’s outrage was in reply to a letter written by one Dr. Sarah Nachshen of London.

“On advice from her school, our teenage daughter has gone off without her blazer this morning,” Nachshen wrote, explaining that her daughter did not wear her school-branded uniform jacket as she walked to school that morning.

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“Her male classmates have been advised to cover their skullcaps with baseball caps,” the doctor added.

“On her pre-school dawn run yesterday, she ran past the broken glass of a Kosher cafe’s windows and a fresh anti-Israel slogan painted on a bridge,” the letter-writer continued.

“All my grandparents were Holocaust survivors who found safe haven, and built new lives, in the UK, so of course I am twitching with latent anxiety and the creeping dangers of the masses not speaking out against terrorism,” she continued.

“I sincerely hope Rishi Sunak honours his pledge to stand with Israel and protect British Jews,” Nachshen concluded.

Rowling’s lament comes on the tail of Ukrainian refugees who have said they fear moving to the UK because the country now has “too many Muslims” for them to feel safe.





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