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Hungary’s Conservative PM Viktor Orban Backs Trump, Says He Is ‘The Name of Peace’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban knows that if he could vote in America’s presidential election, his choice would be simple.

“We can’t interfere in the elections of other countries, but we really want President Donald Trump to return to the White House and make peace here in Eastern Europe,” Orban said during a portion of an address to the nation posted on his X account, according to captions translating his remarks.

The post was captioned: “Trump is the name of peace!”

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The comment received applause from the audience.

“It is time for another Make America Great Again presidency in America,” Orban said.

Orban has spoken out in support of Trump before. In August, he told commentator Tucker Carlson that Trump “is the man who can save the Western world,” according to Politico.

During the interview, Carlson asked Orban what he would do if he were in President Joe Biden’s shoes.

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“Call back Trump! Because you know, you can criticize him for many reasons … but … the best foreign policy of the recent several decades belongs to him,” Orban said.

“He did not initiate any new war, he treated nicely the North Koreans, and Russia and even the Chinese … and if he would have been the president at the moment of the Russian invasion [of Ukraine], it would be not possible to do that by the Russians,” he said.

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Orban is an unabashed conservative, who in a May speech called liberalism a “virus that will atomize and disintegrate our nations,” according to the U.K. Guardian.

“I’m sure if President Trump would be the president, there would be no war in Ukraine and Europe. Come back, Mr President. Make America great again and bring us peace,” he said in the speech.

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Orban had posted his support when Trump was indicted last year on payments made prior to the 2016 election.

“Keep on fighting, Mr. President! We are with you,” Orban posted on social media.

At an event in Qatar last year, Orban was asked about Biden, according to CNBC.

“It is not my job to criticize the head of the United States. It is not a good business idea, anyway,” he said.

“American Democrats are far more ideologically-led than the Republicans. And the Democrats always like to convince you and sometimes force you how to live — and I don’t like it. We have our own culture … don’t interfere please,” Orban said.

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