Two Female Cops Fire More Than Two Dozen Rounds On Home After Mistaking Homeowner’s Friend For Intruder

The moment cops unleashed a barrage of bullets on a woman who had broken into her friend’s Houston home with her permission because she had forgotten her key was captured in newly released bodycam footage.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office released the point-of-view footage of the early Feb. 3 incident that left Eboni Pouncy shot five times, in what the 28-year-old’s attorney called “unnecessary and excessive force” by the deputies.

Cops had arrived to 90 Uvalde Road after a caller said an intruder had entered her apartment. After finding the woman’s home to be secure, another resident of the complex said that someone had broken into an apartment upstairs, according to police.

Bodycam footage captured two female deputies going upstairs, observing “the front window screen removed, broken glass and the blinds raised, near the front door” and knocking on the door and announcing themselves before backing away and looking through the window with their guns drawn.

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“Someone’s coming,” one was heard saying before both deputies fired multiple rounds at Pouncy through the window, with one of them pausing to reload her weapon.

Officials said the cops had seen Pouncy inside the apartment carrying a gun, which they said was recovered near the entryway inside the apartment.

Pouncy was hit by five of the officer’s bullets in the leg and torso, her high-profile civil rights attorney, Ben Crump said, according to ABC News.

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Pouncy had grabbed her legally registered firearm because she was startled by the cops’ visit and feared an intruder, according to Crump.

Police had been notified of a possible burglary at the apartment in the early morning hours of Feb. 3.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Eboni Pouncy as she recovers from not only her bullet wounds but also the mental trauma that accompanies being shot,” Crump said.

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“It is heartbreaking that this tragedy, reminiscent of the shooting that caused Breonna Taylor’s death, happened at all,” he said, referencing the 2020 fatal shooting of a Louisville woman during a botched police raid on her apartment.

Sheriffs did not file charges against Pouncy or her friend, who had told her 20 minutes earlier to break into her apartment, the woman said at a press conference last week, according to ABC News.

Pouncy, whom cops mistook for an intruder, had broken into the home with her friend’s permission and was carrying the legal firearm seen above, her lawyer said.

The uninjured resident had been ordered to come downstairs and was handcuffed by cops in the aftermath of the shooting.

“I live here. Please don’t shoot,” she pleaded with cops, according to cellphone video obtained by network affiliate KTRK.

The sheriff’s department’s internal affairs unit and local prosecutors were investigating the deputies’ actions. Both were reportedly placed on administrative leave while the case was being referred to a grand jury.

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