‘Your Freedom of Press is Not Freedom To Lie’: MTG Rebukes HuffPo’s Wild Claims About Hunting Trip

MTG Slams Huffington Post Over Report On Hunting ‘Your Freedom of Press is Not Freedom to Lie About Me’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has slammed the Huffington Post for writing an article with a headline that she alleged insinuated she wanted to shoot Democrats in a hog hunt.

On Tuesday, the Georgia Representative posted a video to social media, advertising a competition where the winner and one friend would get the chance to go hog hunting with her.

“We’ve got skyrocketing inflation, high diesel fuel, and Democrats’ America last policies,” Greene said in the video. “Democrats aren’t the only ones destroying farmers’ ability to put food on the table. We’ve got wild hogs destroying farmers’ fields. So we decided to go hog hunting.”

The footage showed Greene shooting the hogs out of the side of a helicopter, and posing with her quarry. “Let’s help American farmers out,” Greene said, calling people to sign up for the competition.

The Huffington Post proceeded to run an article on the video on Wednesday, with the headline, “Marjorie Taylor Greene Likens Dems To Hogs, Wants Help Shooting Them Dead,” calling Greene an “extremist,” and the competition a “divisive stunt.”

In response, Greene called out the outlet for their take on her hog hunting competition, calling on them to “change this headline… immediately,” adding that their “freedom of press is not freedom to lie” about her.

“I NEVER said anything like this and did NOT call for violence on Democrats,” Greene continued. “Lee Moran, your political activist posing as a journalist writing for your hard left political blog, should be fired immediately for such a lie. Your editor should be fired for using his position to green light such atrocious lies and character assassinations against me.”

Greene went on to call out the “political hacks in the media who lie about Republicans every single day,” alleging that calling Republicans “Nazis” or “fascists” was just “projection” from the left.

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“You don’t get to abuse your precious freedom of press with your politically driven lies without consequences,” she continued. “And your putrid dribble has caused many Americans to hate the news and turn away. Because you don’t write or broadcast news, you write and broadcast lies.”

She concluded by arguing that “honest journalism is badly missing in this country,” as there are “tragically” no journalists left with ethics who do not “resist the powerful temptation to lie… in order to serve their political party.”

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