Biden Declares War On Fellow Americans

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Gingrich: Biden Committed ‘Greatest Act Of Aggression’ By A US President ‘Against His Own People’ In History

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich stated on Wednesday that President Biden’s decision to label Republicans “semi-fascists” was “the greatest act of aggression by an American president against his own people that we have ever seen.”

Gingrich made the remarks during an appearance on the Fox News channel.

“To have a president of the United States characterize half of his country in the way that Joe Biden does is the greatest act of aggression by an American president against his own people that we have ever seen,” Gingrich stated. “It’s truly an astonishing moment. It doesn’t fit any of our prior history.

“”[This is] the most corrupt Justice Department in all of American history,” Gingrich added. “You have corruption from the attorney general to the head of the FBI to senior elements of the FBI. You have collusion from a wide range of the intelligence community. You had, I think it was 50-some intelligence senior officials who signed a letter last year that we now know was a total lie, none of whom have recanted.”

The former Speaker continued, “I fully expect the Justice Department to indict President Trump in a D.C. court, a district where he got 5.6 percent of the vote. So by 19-1, the jury is likely to be against him. I think this is an all-out effort.”

“I just heard Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, say that the FBI asked him to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop (story) for the three or four weeks before the election in 2020,” Gingrich said. “At a time, by the way, when some 80 percent of Americans say if they had known how corrupt Hunter Biden, and through him his father, were, they probably would have voted against Joe Biden.”

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Gingrich described the Biden regime as “fanatics who represent a secular religion who are determined to destroy not just Trump but Trump’s followers.”


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