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Florida: ‘America First’ James Judge Wins Primary, Will Face Anti-Trump Castor in November

Florida businessman and veteran James Judge has won the Republican Party primary for Florida’s 14th House district, beating an opponent who spent nearly half a million dollars during the primary, and will now face anti-Trump Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor this November.

Judge describes himself as a “local business owner, decorated war veteran and God-fearing Christian, who believes in ‘America first'” and is running for office “because I swore an oath to support and defend the constitution, and our values are under attack.”

At press time, Judge has secured around 53% of the tabulated votes, and his nearest opponent has achieved less than 30%. In his victory speech, Judge thanked his supporters and volunteers and assured them that “The real work starts tomorrow.”

“I’m gonna take out an incumbent Democrat,” said Judge. “We’re gonna take out Kathy Castor.”

When Yoho endorsed Judge, he said in a statement that “I’ve had him over to my home, gotten to know him, and I firmly believe he is not only qualified as a military veteran and small business owner, but he’s just the right kind of guy you want to help guide our republic back on course and represent the good people of the Tampa Bay area.”

Judge has secured a series of high profile endorsements from popular conservative figures and elected officials including Roger Stone, Rep. Paul Gosar, and Rep. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez nemises, retired Rep. Ted Yoho. He also secured the sport of the Tampa Bay Times.

Yoho and Judge

Ted Yoho and James Judge (Judge Campaign / Edited)

Judge’s opponent Jerry Torres spent $414,028 through August 3, compared to Judge’s $148,623 spent at the same time, according to Florida Politics.

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Torres made the big dollar spends while fighting to remain a candidate, as the Florida Democratic Party and individual plaintiffs sued over the “the revelation that Torres’ final qualifying forms had been notarized while he was out of the country.”

Judge similarly faced ballot access hurdles due to a paperwork error, but was able to ultimately remain on the ballot.

He will now face incumbent Democrat Kathy Castor, who intensely opposes 45th President Donald Trump and his agenda, in the general election.

While Tampa has generally voted for Democrats since 2008, Trump and Republicans made significant gains there in 2020, and some believe that the population growth in the area may help conservatives swing the district.

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