FBI Banned Agents From Investigating Hunter’s Laptop Until After Election: Whistleblowers

Agents at the FBI were forbidden from investigating Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop until after the 2020 election had finished, according to Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who says multiple FBI whistleblowers confirmed the agency’s refusal to investigate Joe Biden’s drug addled son.

Johnson revealed the whistleblowers’ claims in a letter sent to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz earlier this week.

“After the FBI obtained the Hunter Biden laptop from the Wilmington, DE computer shop, these whistleblowers stated that local FBI leadership told employees,’you will not look at that Hunter Biden laptop’ and that the FBI is ‘not going to change the outcome of the election again.'”

The statements relayed by Johnson and the whistleblowers apparently indicate that FBI brass believes its investigations played a role in Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election, and thought it would be better to ignore potential crimes than have the same impact in 2020.

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“Further, these whistleblowers allege that the FBI did not begin to examine the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop until after the 2020 presidential election—potentially a year after the FBI obtained the laptop in December 2019,” Johnson wrote in his letter.

Johnson asked Horowitz to review the FBI’s actions – and alleged inaction – pertaining to the investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and declared that “the FBI cannot be trusted with the handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in 2019 (Louise Palanker / Flickr)

Indeed, only earlier this year have multiple establishment media outlets finally admitted the Hunter Biden laptop is authentic, after previously claiming – without evidence – that it could be Russian propaganda.

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Big tech companies followed their media allies, with Twitter banning all of its users from sharing the New York Post’s exclusive article exposing the contents of the laptop for the first time. Facebook followed this course with a series of intense fact checks.

Breitbart News reports that it took CNN 532 days to admit the laptop was authentic, and as many as 15 separate media personalities claimed the emails were “likely Russian disinformation,” often citing a debunked article featuring 51 intelligence officials’ belief that the laptop was fake.

Earlier this year Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a strident ally of 45th President Donald Trump, said he would lead an effort in Congress to strip the clearance from those intelligence officials.

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