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Legal Battle Intensifies: Alex Jones in Houston Court, Sandy Hook Families Target Social Media

According to The Gateway Pundit:

News broke on Thursday that the Sandy Hook families who lost children in that horrible school shooting are now going after Alex Jones’s social media accounts. They believe it is their right to silence Alex Jones. They already won a judgment of $1 billion for a broadcast he made following the shooting.

On Friday morning Alex Jones posted a video from his car. He is traveling to Houston this morning for a court hearing. The Sandy Hook families are attempting to take away his social media accounts.

Alex posted this video on Friday morning before the sun came up.

In recent developments, the Sandy Hook families are now pushing to strip Jones of his social media platforms. This effort is part of a broader strategy to curb his influence and prevent further dissemination of harmful conspiracy theories. The families argue that Jones continues to exploit his public platforms to spread misinformation and incite harassment against them​.

Jones’s recently released a video saying, “They’re planning something big,” alluding to a larger conspiracy against him. Jones maintains that the attempts to silence him are part of a broader assault on free speech, particularly targeting conservative voices. “This corrupt, dying political system wants to try to make me the devil. I’m not the devil, and God is my judge, not you, you globalist scumbags,” Jones declared passionately on his show​​.

Alex Jones: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, huge update concerning the future of InfoWars. So just to recap, before I give you the new news, two Fridays ago, I learned that the private security company I’ve had for six, seven years, had been told when I left work, to lock the doors and kick everybody out. There was no court order, nothing. But the CRO appointed by the court, who’s a big leftist, we learned, that was going around the office days before saying, I need to be put in jail for the vaccines and things. I’m a mad person. We shouldn’t be on air. He literally just, outside of law, ordered the place shut. I find out, I demand to see a document. The security company goes, Yeah, there’s no court order. They don’t do it. So we’ve been in a stalemate since then. Now, I’m on my way right now, 5:45 or whatever it is in the morning to Houston, to the federal courthouse this morning. There’s a big hearing today where they filed the CIA FBI that uses the Sandy Hook folks as front people. Whenever you hear Sandy Hook families, that’s CIA, FBI that’s on top of that running. It’s come out in court. They admitted the FBI, went and created a whole lawsuit, everything. HBO production.

So now, yesterday, I interviewed Tucker Carlson, I interviewed Russell Brand. I get off here about five o’clock, and then boom. My lawyers are calling, and they go, Check this out. AP-Reuters everywhere. Sandy Hook families, filed to take Alex Jones’s social media. Now, again, the only social media I have is Real Alex Jones on X. That’s always been my personal account. They took it away for four or five years. Elon Musk gave it back to me. It’s my personal thing. I’ve been using it free of charge without InfoWars, the company, paying me advertising to promote all the InfoWars products and everything.

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My dad, who created the supplement company, has his own warehouse and has been buying advertising on free speech systems, and he’s been doing that for over 12 years. So So now the families, the former federal prosecutor and the current federal prosecutors, all the people that are suing me and running all this, they go file this incredibly insane filing that claims I’m diverting money away from the families because I’ve been promoting my dad’s supplement company…’

He continued in the video by saying:

‘It’s the same thing they continue to do over and over and over and over again. And just this week, the US trustee that’s assigned by the Justice Department, she contacts my lawyer and says, “Hey, the families, the committee that the court allowed to be assigned of the people suing me. They don’t like what he’s saying on air. He needs to stop it.” I’m like, well, you didn’t settle with me. You got your HBO production. You’re lying about me all over the place claiming I got wealthy off of you, barely even ever talked about you. You attached yourselves to me. So they’re, They are, again, trying to tell me what to say and what to do. And they just don’t like the fact that the whole world’s waking up and people see through this stuff.

I’m not Adam Lanza. I didn’t kill those kids. Remington sold the gun legally through a gun dealer to Adam Lanza’s mother. Remember him, the guy that killed the kids? When you watch the HBO movie and all the stuff they’re promoting? When you go to the main HBO website, it’s the main thing they’re promoting. It’s all about me. His name is never mentioned. I didn’t kill those kids, ladies and gentlemen. I barely ever talked about them. I covered the internet questioning the shooting. This is all just a big tempest in a teapot. Just like when they said, Trump hates all hispanics. Never said anything close. They can’t show you the video. And I have a right to question whenever I want, ladies and gentlemen. But the point is, is that now they are literally trying to take over my social media. Now, I checked the law last night with one of my lawyers. They’re calling it a product list, my personal system, where I then promoting Infowars and also some My dad, with a link on there at the top.

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…The idea that I’m there giving free speech systems all of this promotion and still promoting things, even though I’ve not been getting paid anywhere when I was supposed to be for now years, is asinine and is a lie, and they’re filing as a lie…

…But it’s bigger than that. Elon Musk terms of service says you can’t sell your personal Twitter handle, your personal X handle. You cannot sell it to someone. It is personal, and you can’t take it away from somebody in a lawsuit. If I was making money off of it, they could try to bring in a lawsuit, find where the money was, claim that they have these judgments. They want that money. But they can’t preclude me from having my own real Alex Jones. So I hope Judge Lopes is not ignorant on these facts. Whatever happens, it happens. But it’s real Alex Jones is my handle. It’s mine. I’ve had it for about 15 years or something, and it’s just totally ridiculous. But I got news for folks. They’re not just coming after me. They’re coming after everybody. They’re desperate with 142 days left in the election. The globalists are planning something big’.

The financial implications of these lawsuits have been staggering. Jones has been ordered to pay nearly $1 billion in damages to the Sandy Hook families, a verdict that he describes as “astronomical” and “a joke” given his financial situation. He has sought bankruptcy protection as a means to manage these overwhelming liabilities, though this move has also faced significant scrutiny and opposition from the plaintiffs​​.

Critics argue that Jones has not made a genuine effort to comply with the court’s financial judgments. They allege that he continues to live a lavish lifestyle while failing to liquidate assets or adhere to a reasonable budget to pay his creditors. This ongoing defiance has only intensified the legal pressures against him, with the court emphasizing the need for Jones to meet his obligations and preserve his estate for the benefit of his creditors​​.


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