The CCP’s War of Deception: Weaponizing the SEC to Silence GTV Media

Part One: Weaponizing the SEC to Silence GTV Media

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is at war with the United States…and it has a playbook. Unrestricted Warfare, published in 1999 by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), lays out specific strategies to destroy America. 

As Brigadier General Robert Spaulding explained in his 2022 book, War Without Rules: “We need to accept that China is fighting against us in ways we don’t even realize. And we need to find a window into the CCP’s war room.” 

A View Into the CCP War Room Window: The Takedown of GTV

Unrestricted Warfare is the textbook for the CCP’s deceptive strategies, and the attack on GTV Media Group is a prominent example of PLA’s war theory put into action. This ongoing attack on free speech offers a clear view into the window of the CCP War Room. 

The CCP has allegedly infiltrated and weaponized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to stifle opposition from pro-American Chinese dissidents and whistleblowers through extortion, blackmail, and media propaganda.

Taking a peek inside the CCP War Room. Image: Kelly John Walker.

Between April and June 2020, more than 5,000 followers of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement invested a total of $487 million in GTV, a U.S.-based media company, which had the sole mission of creating a news-focused social media platform to expose CCP’s deception and disinformation. In response, the CCP attacked the platform with reportedly false accusations made by a handful of its undercover agents. 

The SEC responded quickly to the accusations and launched an investigation that failed to prove any fraud by GTV (See SEC Administrative Proceedings: 3-20537). However, by publicly announcing an investigation and intentionally prolonging it, the SEC effectively brought about GTV’s demise.

It appears the biggest victims in this case have been the investors, especially those inside China—but by the SEC, not the GTV platform. Since the settlement, the SEC has been delaying the refund process and has exposed investor identities to the CCP, putting their lives at risk for their support of this anti-CCP platform.

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According to multiple testimonials, the SEC has allegedly refused to return funds to eligible investors, effectively confiscating the private property of law-abiding citizens. According to them, the SEC has repeatedly failed to meet even its own deadlines for fund distribution, and the overwhelming majority of GTV investors have not yet received a penny from the SEC.

SEC Endangered Lives: Whistleblowers Speak Out

The SEC has ostensibly been weaponized by the CCP to go after GTV investors, and it appears the SEC itself may be guilty of maladministration and unlawful activity. If the accusations that the SEC did turn over investor information to the CCP are true, then the agency quite literarily has blood on its hands. This warrants further investigation, including through anonymous and protected interviews with legitimate investors.

Because of the SEC’s actions, these Whistleblower investors have received serious persecution from the CCP. Pictured are just a few of the testimonies investors still living in China sent to NFSC.

The GTV investors did not want their money back; they wanted a platform for free speech and a chance to participate in an investment they believed in. At one point before the SEC’s actions caused GTV to shut down, the company was reportedly valued at over $60 Billion. The Whistleblower investors seek compensation for losses suffered at the hands of the SEC, and of course…to see the end of the Chinese Communist Party. 

This huge setback to the Whistleblower Movement’s struggle for freedom further solidified their determination to take down the CCP kleptocrats—an objective the U.S. Congress shares.

GTV exposed the CCP…So They Took it Down. Artwork: Kelly John Walker.

The GTV struggle is not just “China’s problem”. In the developmental stages of the GTV Media platform, many Chinese people shared the truth about the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, including the coverup by the CCP. At that time, the world desperately needed the SARS-CoV-2 virus information which it later discovered the CCP had covered up—the information shared on GTV could have saved millions of lives across the globe. 

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GTV was also exposing the unconscionable crimes of the CCP, such as the Uyghur genocide, the repression of Hong Kong freedom fighters, the persecution of Miles Guo and other Chinese dissidents, and the CCP’s mass infiltration of the U.S. including into the DOJ and the SEC.

NFSC members protest against the SEC

The mistaken notion that “China is not a threat” comes from an atavistic definition of “conventional” warfare that perpetuates a blind spot in American intelligence.

“If the consequences of the CCP’s actions had been the result of a conventional military attack,” wrote Spaulding, “America would have surely retaliated. But instead, this kind of stealth war attracted minimal attention.” 

It is incumbent upon Rep. Mike Gallagher the House Select Committee on China, therefore, to investigate:

  • The facts and circumstances about the origin of the information and allegations against GTV that led to the SEC opening an investigation.
  • Any collusion of the CCP or its agents with the SEC, DOJ, or any other arm of government connected to the GTV matter.
  • Any racial discrimination against Chinese Americans in the SEC’s investigation and the administration of the Fair Fund.

Note: This is the first in a series of articles exposing the weaponization and infiltration of the SEC by the CCP. 


Kelly John Walker is Founder of FreedomTalk and a published senior-level writer.






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