Tucker Carlson Responds to NY Times Hit Piece With a Single Photo That Goes Viral

Tucker Carlson is having a great laugh after The New York Times published a 20,000-word hit job story on the ratings leader, slamming him as a “racist nationalist.” I think the word “racist” precedes every leftist trashing of a non-leftist they hate.

Carlson tweeted out a photo of himself on Sunday that went viral where he is seen cheerfully laughing while brandishing the Times’ “bombshell” front-page story on the Fox News host.

The article was part of an unsympathetic, four-part series hit piece on Carlson titled “American Nationalist.” I don’t think the editors at the Times understand that being a nationalist is a good thing. It means you love your country.

Looking at the photo, you can just hear the Fox News host’s big laugh he gives off on many episodes of his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” when laughing at the silliness of liberals.

Carlson laughed at the Times’ hit job piece the same way he does at all the leftist crybabies who destroy their own credibility by trying to stand up to the ratings giant. Leftist critics do not like the way Carlson shines a light on their goofy antics and the horrible policies they support that are destroying America. The natural inclination for authoritarians is to censor the opposition, but try as they may, they can’t seem to silence him.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and many other corporate media outlets have destroyed what little credibility they had left by producing Marxist propaganda and trying to pull it off like it’s real journalism.

Some users on Twitter chimed in with responses to Carlson’s laughing tweet.

Former Florida Congressman, Trey Radel hit the nail right on the head.

“Maybe 15-20 years ago, someone smeared like this by the NYT would’ve had their career & life destroyed. Today, it’s a badge of honor because the Times’ staff has so clearly shown their job is to be PR foot soldiers and character assassins for democrats. What a pathetic rag.”

It’s true. The Times has so disgraced itself over the last decade that nobody takes the leftist rag seriously anymore. I always say the best use for the Times is at the bottom of a dirty birdcage.

The dishonest criticisms and leftist attacks on Tucker Carlson mean nothing today. He is a ratings giant that has more Democrats watching him on his Fox platform than CNN and MSNBC. It’s because he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

Carlson brings in the most Democratic viewers in the 25-54 key demo and that includes beating out Rachel Maddow with 39% watching.

Substack author Shant Mesrobian pointed out why outlets like CNN and MSNBC attack Carlson and the Fox News network.

A lot of other Twitter folks mocked the Times, believing the outlet deserved to be made fun of.

Gad Saad, professor, Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist, and author had fun with the tweet as well, responding, “Well it’s true. I was a Lebanese Jew with olive skin until I met @TuckerCarlson. I’m now the Grand Wizard of the KKK, Montreal chapter.”

The Columbia Bugle tweeted a simple message with an image of AOC sharing a sad face.

“NY Times Right Now”

Carlson is laughing at the Times the same way he laughs at other leftist news outlets that make outrageous statements about him and his show. What else can you do when desperate people lash out in the most predictable ways with gobbledygook nonsense but to laugh at them?

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