President Trump to Release Security Footage of the Raid on His Home [VIDEO]

Eric Trump has announced that they will be releasing to the public, the videos from the Security cameras from the FBI raid when the time is right.

Eric was on the Sean Hannity show when he made the announcement. Eric says the entire thing was a fishing expedition. No kidding, Sherlock?

This raid will hurt the Democrats in the midterms. People do not want an American Gestapo.

Eric Trump: “Absolutely this is a fishing expedition. They pulled the warrant on Friday. They didn’t actually execute the warrant until Monday… It’s the exact same format that they used for Russia.

The exact same reporters are being leaked information that were used as the sources for the whole Russia hoax…

They’re the exact same people that the FBI are leaking to now. The same reporters reporting on the same thing. The same story.

They’re going to their friends in the Democratic media. They were effectively the lobbyist arm of the Democratic Party and they’re leaking stories about Donald Trump to hurt him… We’re 90 days out from the midterm. This will backfire on them.

Sean Hannity: Will you, you still have the surveilance tape. Is that correct? Are you allowed to share that with the country?

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Eric Trump: Absolutely, Sean. At the right time. And your bodycam point was spot on. That’s why cops were body cams. They don’t tell you to turn off cameras. They want transparency. And that’s not what happened here.

From The Midnight Rider

The FBI carted off Trump’s passports and boxes of lawyer/client privileged material. They could not have gotten a search warrant for that information.

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They knew they were on shaky ground since not giving all of the files to the National Archives is not a crime.

And past precedent as it pertained to Hillary Clinton and Sandy Berger were not prosecutable offenses according to the FBI. Their crimes were far worse than anything Trump may have done.

I am very interested to see if the FBI agents intentionally wrecked the residence.

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