Megyn Kelly: ‘These F*ckers Have Lied To Us Long Enough!’

I really like the new Megyn Kelly. With her newfound freedom, Kelly has found her own voice and boy is she using it. On Wednesday Kelly snapped at the Biden administration for “looking the other way” when all signs point to China as the origin of the COVID-19 novel virus. Kelly erupted on her show, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I think you will to:

“Forgive me but, these fuckers have lied to us for long enough and we need to know the truth,” Kelly said of the Chinese Communist Party and its handling of investigations into the origin of the virus. She joined her guest Josh Rogin, a columnist for The Washington Post, during her Sirius XM radio show “The Megyn Kelly Show”.

“People died, millions of people are dead and Peter Daszak is allowed to get away with his lies,” she told Rogin, noting the EcoHealth Alliance President who collaborated closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) lab before the pandemic.

“The Biden administration looks the other way,” Kelly continued. “The information’s there if only we will push for it and demand it. And we have no assurances that this won’t happen again. It’s infuriating to me. There’s just nothing we can do.”

The former Fox News host then questions whether another president would “handle it differently” because China, she argued, has the United States by the “you know what.”

Rogin argued that there was a lot that could be done and said that if the “Chinese Communist Party is
allowed to avoid responsibility, accountability” for it “what will that teach them?”

Later, she asked the former FDA chief, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who also sits on the board of Pfizer, what can be done and whether we care about finding the origin of the virus.


Kelly is right and really just playing the part of a public voice for the silenced masses. Most Americans can’t get on any major social media platform and question the origins of the Wuhan virus without getting flagged or banned. It’s almost become a lowgrade cybercrime to question the Biden administration on virtually anything related to the virus and the people are sick of it.
H/T Daily Caller
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