It’s a Double Sweep as All 22 Trump-Endorsed Candidates Won Their Primaries in Ohio and Indiana

In Ohio and Indiana, there were 22 GOP candidates that were endorsed by former President Donald Trump in Tuesday’s primaries, and it was a total sweep, which indicates that a Trump endorsement is still one of the best tools to have. It was a blowout.

JD Vance, a populist candidate, won in the Ohio Senate primary, which was a crowded contest. That’s really good news for other candidates that the former president endorsed and could be seen as a precursor for what’s to come in other primary races in more states. Vance’s win is more exciting because he was able to ward off the numerous candidates, three of which wanted Trump’s endorsement, on top of being targeted by the RINO establishment and Koch-like donor class.

Vance won Trump’s endorsement on April 15 and got a meaningful boost in the polls after receiving the thumbs up by Trump. Prior to Trump’s endorsement, Vance was running in 5th place at around 10%. He grabbed up 32% of the vote on Tuesday largely because of the 45th president’s endorsement.

Trump spokeman Taylor Budowich told Breitbart News :

“JD Vance put in tremendous work and has immense political talent—which put him in the position to earn the support of President Trump—but it was the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump that took a candidate who many insiders said was in 4th and at single digits in the polls, and in only two weeks, propelled him into a commanding first place finish. The power of President Trump’s endorsement is undeniable, his dominance over the Republican powerbrokers in D.C. cannot be overstated, and the promise of this MAGA Movement will not just define the Midterms, but it will win for years to come.”

Max Miller was endorsed by Trump and won the GOP nomination for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District. He beat out the incumbent, Representative Anthony Gonzalez, who was one of the 10 traitors who voted to impeach Trump. The Ohio Republican Party called on Gonzalez to resign and refused to do so. There were news stories that he was no seeking another term. Well, now he can’t as a Republican because Miller got the nod. However, Gonzalez did back out of the race in 2021.

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At the time, Trump said, “RINO Congressman Anthony Gonzalez, who has poorly represented his district in the Great State of Ohio, has decided to quit after enduring a tremendous loss of popularity, of which he had little, since his ill-informed and otherwise very stupid impeachment vote.”

There were thirteen other candidates endorsed by Trump who won their primaries in Ohio on Tuesday.

The same happened in Indiana, where all candidates endorsed by the former president swept the primaries. All six of those candidates are incumbents serving in the House.

Tuesday was a great day for Trump endorsed candidates, big league as the former president would say. Add to that the sweeping victories in Texas on their March 1 primaries where all 32 candidates who got Trump’s endorsement won.

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