Investigative Journalist Paul Sperry: Did the FBI Commit Fraud on the Court?

A federal judge ordered the DOJ to release parts of the affidavit used to get the search warrant for President Trump.

But, he is allowing them to redact it and that smells like a cover-up. Investigative journalist, Paul Sperry has some interesting thoughts on the affidavit and what they could be hiding.

The judge has donated thousands of dollars to Barack Obama and other Democrats. Surprise, surprise.

Sperry points out that the FBI had the obligation to inform the court that they has subpoenaed documents months ago and that Trump’s lawyers voluntarily handed over everything that was asked for.

Sperry revealed that if this was not included in the affidavit, the FBI committed fraud on the court. That appears to be the case, especially after it was leaked that the FBI told the judge that if there was no search warrant, Trump would destroy the documents.

Via Paul Sperry:

1. Where is the May subpoena for Mar-a-Lago records, and where is the June inventory receipt the FBI would have given Trump lawyers Corcoran & Bobb, who VOLUNTARILY handed over docs from Trump’s storage to investigators?

Let’s see those docs, along with the affidavit

2. And where is the June subpoena and inventory receipt the FBI would have furnished Trump’s lawyers who VOLUNTARILY handed over surveillance footage to investigators?

Let’s see those docs too

If these documents or references to them are missing from the affidavit for the August search warrant, then the FBI omitted exculpatory evidence of prior Trump cooperation from the court, which would be a fraud on the court similar to the fraud on the FISA court the FBI committed in the Crossfire Hurricane case

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The DOJ is supposed to deliver the redacted version of the affidavit by next Thursday, but you can bet your last dollar that anything incrimination will have been treated before it is turned over.

This is just the judge who will allow them to get away with it, too.  He will allow them to claim that they have an ongoing investigation of Trump.

But, then again, their investigation into Trump is in its seventh year and will continue for years after his death.


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