If You Can’t Bring Kamala to the Border, Bring the Border to Kamala

Since Kamala Harris has been put in charge of the border, she has only been there to visit once and that was a hundred miles from the actual border. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas decided to give her a taste of the problem by sending 2 busloads of illegals who were dumped off at her residence in Washington D.C. There is a total of 101 illegal aliens on the two buses.

It’s a funny thing. Democrats in blue cities and states denied that the border was a crisis, but now that a very few of them are being sent to them, it is an outright emergency. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has requested help from the National Guard for just a couple of hundred illegal aliens. Twice, they have refused to help her and she is about to lose what little is left of her mind.

The border states have seen nearly 2 million illegal aliens cross into their cities and states, completely depleting the resources necessary for their legal occupants. Isn’t it funny that as long as it was Republican cities and states there was no crisis, but once it reached Democratic-controlled regions, it became a dire emergency? Texas and Florida need to step up the pressure and keep Greyhound busy dumping off the illegal migrants on their front doorsteps.

One of the very first things Biden did after assuming office was to cancel all border wall contracts. Something that many of you may not be aware of is that even though their contracts were canceled, we had to keep paying them for work they were no longer doing. In other words, we were paying these companies not to build the wall. Billions and billions of dollars were wasted in an effort to make it easier for illegal aliens to enter this country. Their idea is to get them to flood the country and then try to force amnesty on our country.

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I’d advocate several busloads to Biden’s Delaware mansion, but it has a wall around it. We need to conduct a study to find out why walls only work in Democratic areas. I think the results would make for an interesting conversation.


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