FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence to Frame Pro-Trump Political Prisoner

Former Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods was the first elected official in his state to endorse Donald Trump for president and that cost him his freedom as a crooked FBI agent and the DOJ railroaded an innocent man into prison.

Woods is not due to be released until 2034 and there has been no movement by the DJ to get him released.

Former FBI agent Robert Cessario has confessed to destroying evidence that would have proved Woods to be innocent.

Woods’ lawyers requested Cessario’s official laptop and he was ordered to turn it over to be forensically examined.

Knowing what he had on his computer and how it would cause Woods to be innocent, he had the computer hard drive wiped at least two times.

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Therefore, when it was turned over, the information could not be retrieved. When confronted by another FBI agent, he confessed but asked the two agents to lie and cover for him, but they refused and turned him in.

Here is Cessario’s statement made as part of his plea deal:

Here are the details of the FBI trying to destroy relevant evidence in the Woods case:

  • Woods’ attorneys realized they were missing critical evidence that would prove Woods’ innocence, and asked the prosecutor to turn over a laptop.
  • On November 30, 2017, the lead FBI Special Agent Robert Cessario, was ordered by the Assistant United States Attorney, Aaron Jennen, to deliver his government-issued laptop to an FBI forensics examiner in Little Rock named Timothy Whitlock for a forensics examination.
  • FBI Criminal Agent Cessario learned of what the examination would entail during a phone conversation with Agent Whitlock on December 1, 2017.
  • Agent Cessario then brought his government-issued laptop to a local computer store in Bentonville, Arkansas on December 4, 2017, at 11:18 am and paid in cash the amount of $59.50 to have it professionally ‘wiped’ meaning to eliminate all the digital files.
  • FBI Criminal Agent Cessario then took the laptop home on December 7, 2017, had it ‘wiped’ at least one more time before turning it over as instructed.
  • When Criminal Cessario was confronted by FBI Agent Shun Turner, Criminal Cessario asked Turner along with another Agent Whitlock to LIE and NOT report that the laptop had been ‘wiped.’
  • Agents Whitlock and Turner did the right thing and reported Criminal Cessario
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From The Gateway Pundit

RINO Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson is involved in the case via his son, Jeremy Hutchinson, who was a State Senator with Woods. Some watching the case suspect that Hutchinson’s strong anti-Trump statements lately are a way to curry favor with the NeverTrump Department of Justice on behalf of his son. One source on the case said, “Asa is kissing DOJ and FBI a** because his son is in trouble, that’s why he’s praising the FBI and going after Trump. Hutchinson’s son was a Christian pro-lifer who cooperated with the corrupt DOJ and it was later revealed he used funds paid to him as an FBI informant to fund his stripper girlfriend’s abortion.”

During this legal ordeal, Woods’ wife left him due to the stress of the prosecution/persecution.



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