Fact Checkers Insist Beto O’Rourke Does Not Have Monkeypox

Though Beto O’Rourke’s campaign states that the Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate was diagnosed with a vague bacterial infection, online detractors have reportedly claimed the anti-2nd amendment, failed 2020 presidential contender has actually come down with a case of monkeypox. Fact checkers disagree.

“After feeling ill on Friday, I went to Methodist Hospital in San Antonio where I was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. The extraordinary team there — from custodians to nurses and doctors — gave me excellent care and attention, including IV antibiotics and rest,” tweeted O’Rourke over the weekend.

Regardless of the seeming lack of connection, multiple anonymous Twitter users made the comedic claim that O’Rourke has monkeypox.

Following O’Rourke’s infection announcement on August 28, the highly respected Reuters Fact Check team came to the defense of the truth, rebutting all claims that the Texas politician was ill with a disease typically caused by homosexual intercourse.

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“The claims and speculation do not cite a source,” the fact checkers revealed, “and a spokesperson for O’Rourke told Reuters that the claims are inaccurate: ‘The claims are false. Doctors diagnosed Beto with a bacterial infection, which they treated with antibiotics. His symptoms continue to improve and he will be back on the road as soon as he is able.’

“Monkeypox is not a bacterial infection; it is caused by a virus that belongs to the larger viral family known as poxviridae, and the subgroup, or genus, known as poxviruses, with 12 species, including smallpox and cowpox (here),” wrote the diligent fact finders at Reuters.

Interestingly enough, Reuters added that a monkeypox diagnosis “can lead to an individual being more likely to develop other infections, with some going on to develop bacterial infections in the skin and lungs.”

The Reuters Fact Check team ultimately decided that there was “no evidence” to support the notion that O’Rourke has monkeypox, citing only a statement from his doctor.

It seems that, for now, the right wing Twitter trolls were handed another defeat by the esteemed fact checkers.

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