DOJ Working On Plea Deal For Hunter Biden and All Crimes Involving the Biden Crime Family Will Just Go Away

The fix is in… again.

It is being reported that Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is actually working on a plea deal for Hunter Biden’s crimes that, according to evidence found on the infamous laptop from hell, implicates his father, the president of the United States.

That news means that all the criminal activity, including trafficking drugs, paying hookers, lying on a gun permit application, and taking millions of dollars in bribes from foreign countries like China, Ukraine, and others by selling the influence of his father’s office while Joe Biden was vice president under President Barack Obama, will never see the inside of a courtroom.

No indictments for any of it. It means any other parties who were involved will never be indicted.

Can you just imagine what would happen if this was Eric Trump or Don Trump Jr instead of Hunter Biden? The Democrats put their entire family through hell for years based on phony allegations against their father, former President Donald Trump.

They would indict either or both sons and would start investigations of the president, but because it’s Joe Biden, the American people get bupkis. Less than bupkis. We get a cover-up.

From the New York Post:

Reports that federal prosecutors are on the verge of wrapping up the Hunter Biden investigation suggest that a “generous” plea deal for the first son is in the works, a former Justice Department official said Thursday.

Lawyer Jim Trusty and other legal experts also discounted the notion that officials may be concerned about bringing charges because of the looming midterm elections, in which Democratic control of the House and Senate are both at stake.

Fox News and CNN reported Wednesday that the Delaware grand jury probe of Hunter Biden was at or near a “critical” stage, with sources telling CNN that officials recently discussed potential tax charges and a potential charge for making a false statement in connection with a handgun purchase.

Previous reports have said the investigation also involved suspicions of money laundering and violations of federal lobbying laws tied to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings.

On Thursday, Trusty told the Post, “We’re not hearing the word ‘conspiracy’ and we are hearing and seeing an awful lot of drug addiction vignettes, so I think the ‘critical phase’ could be more about reaching a plea agreement designed to end the entire inquiry rather than seeing a fully investigated ‘pay-to-play’ scheme.”

Hunter Biden was involved in deals that netted the Biden crime family millions of dollars from China and Ukraine while Joe was VP. Apparently no one in the misinformation news media cares. Maybe that’s because, like the Bidens, many of them are beholden to Chinese money? And Ukraine is a hotbed of Democrat DC corruption. It’s one reason Obama went after his former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Mike Flynn. He knew about all the corruption that was going on in Ukraine and he was willing to speak out about it.

“From the reporting that I have read, it seems more like a generous guilty plea is on the horizon, not some sort of sweeping indictment,” Trusty added. “It does not take four years to put together a dinky gun case or many of the cases deemed ‘tax cases.”

They stretched it out beyond the 2020 election and then they didn’t want to anger the brain-dead president for going after his son. They know Joe Biden got the prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired because he was investigating Hunter’s firm Burisma Holdings and Hunter himself. Joe Biden is a vindictive, nasty person that way.

This plea deal is not being constructed because Hunter didn’t commit any serious crimes. He most certainly did. It’s being done so that the story goes away.

The story includes major crimes that involved Democrats, including his father, and they want it all swept under the rug. That’s justice under the Biden administration.

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