Kanye West posted a series of tweets Friday exposing his heart for life.

The rapper said of his firstborn:

“I cried at the thought of aborting my firstborn and everyone was so concerned about me… I’m concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry about this subject.”

Live Action replies to the tweet thanking the artist for using his platform to support life.

”We are too. Thank you for standing for life, Kanye.”

President of Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins also endorses Ye’s tweet.

“You are absolutely right. EVERY DAY, we should cry about the 2,500 babies who are aborted, more than 900 alone aborted just by Planned Parenthood.”

Kanye later added how many black lives have been lost to abortion over the last 50 years across the world.

“Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted over the past 50 years.“

Kanye has been outspoken in regards to abortion over the last year. The message is timely considering his conversion to Christianity last year.

John Wesley Reid

John Wesley Reid is a Washington D.C. – based journalist and political commentator. A native of southern California, John studied political science at Biola University after serving in the Marine Corps. His favorite past times are studying theology, running, playing Skipbo, traveling, and dropping the classiest of puns.

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