A Trump-loving grandmother has outed her grandson after he allegedly threw an explosive at a Portland federal courthouse.

Karla Fox, 69, said that she identified her grandson in a viral video of the explosive assault because he was wearing a reflective vest that she had recently bought for him.

The grandmother, who goes by @TRUMPSGIRL2020 on Twitter, expressed her love for her grandson, 18-year-old Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill, but also agreed it was his poor choice to be made.

“This is my only grandson, I love him to death, and didn’t know he was going to do such a bad thing, I had been posting several things about the antifa and BLM, he knows I am against the riots bigtime…he chose his poison.”

Ms. Fox told the New York Post that she bought the vest for her grandson for his protection since she knew he was a regular participant in the protests.

“I bought the vest for him after he found one online after getting hit with rubber bullets the night before at the protest.”

The young Agard-Berryhill seemed to tap-dance around the truth while texting the Post about the video:

“The device I’ve been accused of allegedly throwing was allegedly given to me by an unknown protestor with full face coverings…I was allegedly told that it was a strobe firework that wouldn’t damage the building or harm anyone around it.”

Agard-Berryhill eventually contacted his probation officer and told them he wanted to turn himself in. He was then arrested by U.S. Marshalls and booked at the Multnomah County Detention Center. He is currently facing a charge of felony arson and faces a minimum of five years in prison if convicted. He has since been released without bail.

Oregon District U.S. Attorney Billy Williams commented on Agard-Berryhill’s behavior:

“No legitimate protest message is advanced by throwing a large explosive device against a government building. Mr. Agard-Berryhill’s actions could have gravely injured law enforcement officers positioned near the courthouse, other protesters standing nearby, or himself.”

Grandma Fox’s Twitter feed shows much support for President Trump, detest for violence, and an unapologetic approach to her faith:

“The best way to spread the gospel is to live it.”

John Wesley Reid

John Wesley Reid is a Washington D.C. – based journalist and political commentator. A native of southern California, John studied political science at Biola University after serving in the Marine Corps. His favorite past times are studying theology, running, playing Skipbo, traveling, and dropping the classiest of puns.

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