WW3 Coming? Putin Says America Is Now Russia’s Top Threat

This week, the Biden administration which is considered by many world leaders to be incompetent, and passive, is being challenged by China, Iran, and Russia.

On Monday, Iran’s nuclear chief: We have technical means to produce an atom bomb that can reach Israel.

In the midst of high tensions with China, Speaker Nancy Pelosi flew into Taiwan on Tuesday, defying the White House, and China’s calls for her to not do so.

For his part in increasing the tensions with Russia, President Biden has directed the U.S. government to send over $60B, so far, to the Ukrainian government for use in their war with the former USSR.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who has publically insisted that nations that support Ukraine, are against Russia, on Sunday signed a military document that declared the United States is the primary threat to Russian security.

Sunday was Navy Day, a national holiday established by Putin’s decree in 2017 celebrated with a huge parade of military vessels on the Neva river in St. Petersburg, a venue chosen to honor Tsar Peter the Great for establishing Russia as a major naval power.

“The Main Naval Parade includes the maritime, airborne, and ground components to give a complete picture of the modern Russian Navy. In all, 47 combat ships, boats, and submarines of Russia’s Northern, Pacific, Baltic, and the Black Sea Fleets are participating in the Main Naval Parade on the Neva River and in the Kronshtadt roadstead,” the state-run Tass news service reported.

Before launching the naval parade with a congratulatory address to Russia’s sailors, Putin signed a 55-page document that laid out the strategic goals of the Russian Navy. The document said the primary threat faced by Russia is “the strategic policy of the USA to dominate the world’s oceans,” coupled with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) advance on Russia’s land borders.

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“Guided by this doctrine, the Russian Federation will firmly and resolutely defend its national interests in the world’s oceans, and having sufficient maritime power will guarantee their security and protection,” the new naval doctrine said.

The document says that Russia will seek greater strategic and naval cooperation with nations like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and India – the latter two being major U.S. strategic partners.

The doctrine also urged Russia to consolidate its naval strength in the Black and Azov Seas following the invasion of Ukraine. It described the Arctic as an area of special concern for Russia, a focus that is making American planners nervous about the safety of U.S. and allied assets in that remote region.

Radio Free Europe (RFE) noted Putin listed several other bodies of water where Russia would protect its interests by “all means.”

During his Navy Day speech, Putin promised Zircon hypersonic missiles would be delivered to Russian warships within the next few months.

Putin frequently boasts these missiles move so fast that American anti-missile systems cannot stop them. He also boasts that Russia is leading the world in all aspects of hypersonic technology and consequently does have effective defenses against American hypersonic weapons.

The Pentagon declined to confirm whether Zircons have been used in Ukraine and said in any event they would not be a “game changer.”

Putin said on Navy Day that hypersonic missiles would give Russia the ability to “respond with lightning speed to all who decides to infringe on our sovereignty and freedom.”

As progressives continue their deconstruction of America, the nation that we the people who have enjoyed living in, and as the military superpower that foreign leaders have feared, is losing our influence on the World stage due to a weak President.

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