Woman Arrested For SILENT Prayer Outside Abortion Clinic, ‘Anti-Social Behavior’

Prior to the global adoption of the Internet, citizens of the 190+ nations on Earth lived distantly different lives, influenced by their forefathers, and modern governments.

But as of 2022 a majority of European and American governments have now bought into globalism and have been enforcing the concept of safe spaces.

Pro-lifers or those speaking out against governmental tyranny are increasingly getting arrested for what would have been unheard of just 20 years ago.

A woman was actually arrested for silently praying near an abortion clinic on four different occasions in Birmingham, England, according to the Daily Signal.

Isabel Vaughan Spruce is seen being confronted by police for standing in front of the establishment by herself.

They caution her about her rights before asking why she is standing there.

“What are you here for today, why here of all places, and is you standing here part of a protest?” the officer asks.

“No,” she replies.

“Are you praying?” the officer then inquires.

“I might be praying in my head,” Spruce answers.

It is at that point the policeman asks Spruce to voluntarily come to the police station to ask her questions about other incidents as well, which she declines.

The cop then informs her that she is under arrest for failing to comply, along with being charged with “anti-social behavior.”

According to the government website for the city of Birmingham, England, anti-social behavior “includes behavior which has caused or is likely to cause you harassment, alarm or distress.”

Examples of anti-social behavior include noise nuisance, neighbor disputes, verbal abuse, threatening behavior, harassment, and/or intimidation. An anti-social report may result in the city sending “a neighborhood officer or a housing officer” to establish and enforce an “action plan.”

“Your arrest is necessary,” the officer continued, mentioning that the charges were “mainly to protect vulnerable people, namely services,” as he gestured toward the clinic. A female officer then searches the accused woman but declines to handcuff her before transporting her to the police station.

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Spruce has allegedly been formally charged with breaking a “Public Space Protection Order.”

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