WOKE Radio Station Gives School Children Roasted Crickets As Prizes (VIDEOS)

Many parents in the United States are expressing concerns about “WOKENESS” in public education.

Even so, they drop their beloved little ones off at the government-funded indoctrination centers Monday – Friday.

In addition to grooming the children to enter the LGBTQAI+ lifestyle, without their parent’s knowledge,  the kids are being subjected to agenda items being promoted by the Great Reset and United Nations 2030 agendas.

“Kale or steak? Change in diet key to U.N. plan to end hunger by 2030″

What will we eat in 2030?

The alternative to eating meat? They are being brainwashed to eat bugs by the relentless efforts of globalists, left-wing media, and some educators.

A globalist-owned radio station in Canada, The Eagle 93.5 FM, which broadcasts to the Pembina Valley area, figured out a sneaky way to get kids to eat bugs.

They started a monthly, “Classroom of the Month” program, in which they visit chosen classrooms in different schools and reward the students with prizes like roasted crickets.

In order to be selected as the “Classroom of the Month,” teachers or students must first sign up.

The winning classroom each month will get treated to lunch from McDonald’s, leave with a gift from Aspire Dental Centre, roasted crickets from Prairie Cricket Farms, and will receive a tour of The Eagle 93.5 FM if they’re close to the area.

In a video posted by Dr. Shawn Baker on Twitter, Eagle 93.5 Morning Show host Ronny Guenther visited a sixth-grade class at Parkland School in Canada to celebrate with prizes, including roasted crickets from Prairie Cricket Farms.

The kids can be seen wearing masks but the students were told, “Masks are necessary, but we will make an exception for cricket eating.”

Ronny Guenther also visited Border Valley School in February 2022.

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“Classroom of the Month for February 2022 meant a trip to Borden Valley School for Ronny Guenther and Nicole Klassen. Ms. Hildebrand Grade 4/5 class had no idea she nominated them for Classroom of the Month and were surprised when she told them The Eagle 93.5 would stop by for a party with prizes from McDonald’s in Morden and Winkler, Alt Marketing, Aspire Dental Centre, and Prairie Cricket Farms!” according to its website.

“Classroom of the Month for March 2022 sent Ronny Guenther and Nicole Klassen to Miami. Mrs. Owen let her students know that the pair from The Eagle 93.5 would stop by for a party with prizes from McDonalds in Morden and Winkler, Alt Marketing, Aspire Dental Centre. Even Ryan Steppler from Prairie Cricket Farms stopped by for a visit!” the website wrote.

A man who appeared to be a teacher can be seen in the video below brainwashing his students that eating insects are good for them.


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