The Great Depression, August 1929 – March 1933, took America to its knees.

From the roaring 20s to the Stockmarket and economic collapse at the end of the decade and running into the next, almost half the country was simply focusing on how to survive the unexpected turn in their fortunes.

The 1930s was a period of famous gangsters such as “Al” Capone, John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly, and Ma Barker. With the country distracted and dealing with an economic crisis, these and other opportunists terrorized cities like Chicago, NYC, and Vegas. The police were outgunned as they did not have the weapons to deal with these domestic terrorists disregarding American values and rejecting basic American Civics.

In 2020, we have more domestic terrorists roaming some of our major cities streets.

Here are a few additional headlines from last night:
Lightfoot’s Chicago: Looters Hit Magnificent Mile for 5 Straight Hours – Police Officer Gets Smashed in the Face
BREAKING: Portland Police Officers Injured By Mortar Attack, Riot Declared

The Gateway Pundit is reporting the domestic terrorist group. Black Lives Matter (BLM), hunted down and roughed up an off duty black police officer, his girlfriend and shot into her house with her children present too.

A mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” gathered at the home of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin police officer Joseph Mensah’s girlfriend, and shot at the back door after violently assaulting them.

Officer Mensah has been targeted by Black Lives Matter for his involvement in three fatal police shootings.

On Saturday night, a mob of 50-60 militant leftists showed up at his girlfriend’s home chanting “Black Lives Matter.” Her children live in the home, but it is unclear if they were there at the time of the attack.

Mensah wrote on Facebook that “protesters came to my girlfriend’s house while I was there, and tried to kill me. I was unarmed and tried to defend my property and the property of my girlfriend. We were both assaulted, punched, and ultimately shot at several times. A shotgun round missed me by inches.”

Last night, protesters came to my girlfriend’s house while I was there, and tried to kill me. I was unarmed and tried…

Posted by Joseph Mensah on Sunday, August 9, 2020

In another post, Mensah wrote that “if black lives matter, which I wholeheartedly do believe, then the lives of all of the black men and women in law enforcement matter just as much. Our uniforms may be blue but our skin is just as black and our heritage is just as rich. We swore an oath to the public but that oath is also extends to our families and loved ones which we will fight to go home to each and every day. Not a single march, protest, lawyer, or threat can change the fact that in the eyes of God, our lives are just as important.”

In all three officer involved shootings that Mensah was involved in over the last five years, the suspects were armed. Two had guns and one had a sword.

In a statement about the shooting, the Wauwatosa Police Department said that “on August 8th, 2020 at approximately 8:05 PM, a large group gathered in the area of N. 100th St. and W. Vienna St. in the City of Wauwatosa. The group, estimated to be between fifty and sixty people, targeted the private residence of Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah and began to vandalize the home. Officer Mensah attempted to establish a dialog with the group but was ultimately physically assaulted outside of his home.

As Officer Mensah retreated into his home, armed protestors approached the rear door and a single shotgun round was discharged by a member of the group into Officer Mensah’s backdoor. The Wauwatosa Police Department received assistance in disbursing the crowd form numerous neighboring agencies.”

The harsh reality is America must collectively condemn BLM and ANTIFA, and use all means necessary to get them off our streets in addition to exterminating MS-13 gangs and deporting any potential terrorist cells.

Just like the gangsters in the 1920s and 1930s, these modern-day terrorists will continue their reign of terror.  Jay Edgar Hoover was a strange man, but at least he brought an end to open disregard for law and order. Who will be this person in our time, and how quickly?  Is it even possible in failed cities, with liberal mayors in denial, such as Chicago, Baltimore, LA, and NYC, etc?

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  • Well, one of the BLM directors stated that not all black lives matter, only those black lives killed white cops. Another BLM director stated their leaders are trained in marxism and they are all marxists. She also said their MAIN goal was to influence the election. They are just hiding behind a logo that no one will go after. If they really cared about black lives, they would not murder black police officers, they would not burn down, loot and mug black business owners and they would be concerned about the high black murders in Chicago. They are using the black community and the white young and dumb to do their dirty work, to be their armies to achieve their goal of communism.

    Additionally, they use the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. – which is called terrorism. The U.S.Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).