Whoopi Tells Stacey Abrams; ‘Everyone Is Now Starting To Suffer’ From ‘Systemic Racism’

In the most recent Trafalgar group poll, Stacey Abrams is down by 8 points to Governor Kemp, in her second attempt to win the Georgia gubernatorial race.

On Wednesday, Abrams said that more abortion access was a solution to combatting the nation’s crippling inflation rate.

The Twitter world exploded with GA Senate candidate Herschel Walker and other conservatives chiming in.

The Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate then did an interview with Whoopi Goldberg. The outspoken activist Goldberg insisted that “everyone is now” suffering from “systemic racism,” including white women, LGBTQ people, and more.

In a clip, Goldberg posted on Instagram Wednesday, the co-host of “The View” spoke to Abrams about the state’s upcoming election as the TV host threw her support behind the candidate while admitting she can’t vote in GA.

During their discussion, Abrams blasted Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for reportedly calling her an “angry black woman” before she corrected herself and claimed the governor actually called her “angry and mad.”

“So, I was very calm and measured on that [debate] stage,” Abrams said. “And he called me an angry black woman. He didn’t use — he called me angry and mad, I think. And then just today, George Will wrote a piece in the Washington Post about my ‘anger management problem.’ I’ve been accused of many things in my life, but nobody’s ever seen me that mad. I mean, certainly no one in public life.”

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Abrams said she’s “so close” that they are pulling out every “racist and sexist trope” they can.

Whoopi said she’s had “many run-ins with racists” as she challenged Abrams to say to Will, “Okay, prove me wrong.”

“But you know, women are not having this crap,” Goldberg added.

“We’re not taking it. We don’t like it. We don’t like the way you’re talking to us. Black women don’t like it. White women don’t like it. Asian women don’t like it. Hispanic women don’t like it. … We don’t like it,” the far-left radical added.

“So you can call me an incredibly annoyed black woman, incredibly annoyed because I don’t understand why I have to explain to you how my body works,” the host continued. “I don’t understand why you have to explain to me why you have a problem with American history. American history.”

Goldberg then started talking about a movie she just made about Emmitt Till as she explained that everyone’s suffering from “systemic racism,” including women who “are white.”

“And it is insane to me when you watch what systemic racism looks like,” Goldberg said. “And then you realize that everyone is now starting to suffer from this. Whether you are LGBTQ. Whether you are Asian. Whether you are white or a woman. Whether you are — it doesn’t matter.”

“Everyone is starting to be affected by what we call systemic racism,” she added. “I don’t know what to call it when that trope goes out and starts to encompass everyone.”


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