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White House Climate Adviser: Misinformation, ‘Absolutely’ A Public Health Threat

White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy claimed so-called misinformation regarding climate change is a threat to public health.

Misinformation is defined as:

“Incorrect or misleading information. It is differentiated from disinformation, which is deliberately deceptive. Rumors are information not attributed to any particular source, and so are unreliable and often unverified, but can turn out to be either true or false.”

What is absurd about McCarthy using misinformation and clime change in the same sentence, is the fact that Climate Change IS misinformation.

Climate Change IS disinformation from the government, promoted via misinformation. The fake news is distributed by ignorant Kool-Aid drinkers and freaked-out snowflakes.

McCarthy, Speaking Thursday during Axios’ The Infodemic Age event,

A transcript is as follows:

ALEXI MCCAMMOND: Is misinformation and disinfo on climate a threat to public health itself?

GINA MCCARTHY: Absolutely. There’s also greenwashing. You have these companies that are claiming to be part of the solution that really are just not informing people about what they’re really doing and how they are really investing and how people should be investing their money if they really care about climate. […]  The public health issue is one one of the big challenges that we face. Fossil fuel companies and climate change, posing a significant threat to public health. […] Fossil fuels have actually created significant health challenges on our country, not just climate change, but we’re talking about pollution that’s impacting people’s lives.

Climate change is FAKE NEWS!


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