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Whispering Biden’s Latest Incoherent Attacks On “MAGA Gang”

On Friday President Biden played the deflection game again, and of course, had to add some spooky whispering into his speech too.

As inflation continues to skyrocket, especially seen in gas prices, which hit an all-time record each day this past week, Biden was out trying to attack proposals the GOP has released, to show how they will fix his disastrous policies, after the upcoming 2 Red Wave elections.

In response to the latest catastrophic economic news, Joe Biden went before reporters and attacked the “MAGA gang” and Senator Rick Scott. Biden accused Rick Scott of supporting tax cuts and working with the MAGA crowd to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Watch the tired, out of ideas, and compromised President of The United States, mumble away.

Of course, his attacks were complete nonsense.

After reading the 11 points in Scott’s 11 Point Plan to Rescue America, you can see that Joe doesn’t know what is in them, but hey without fact-checkers, checking him, his handlers just keep on feeding him the lies to read to the eagerly waiting, liberal, and intentionally ignorant media reporters.

Senator Rick Scott responded to Biden’s error-filled comments, pointing out that everything Joe Biden said was inaccurate or a blatant lie.

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Unfortunately, our nation is so divided, that those on the left will vote for whoever runs in 2024, as long they support killing babies up to birth, celebrate LGBTQ sexual activity, hate fossil fuels energy, and are promoting the new world order.

The Civil War is on, and the Democrats started it.


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