What Was That? Kamala Ends Speech in Silence

Can someone please help me understand how the far-left Democratic Socialist Party, supported by all the technology giants in the world, can’t put on a digital political convention, without numerous production miscues and technical errors?

I can guarantee you, Steve Jobs, when he was running Apple, would have gone nuts if his presentations would have gone as poorly as what we have seen this week at the Democratic Convention.

The technical team had at least a week to get ready for Kamala Harris’ VP nomination acceptance speech.

How she would be introduced, what text would roll on the teleprompter, how she would end, and how she would transition off the stage.

Believe it or not, this is the best the Democratic Party could do during “showtime”.

Kamala Harris delivered her DNC virtual convention speech on Wednesday night, not sure where.

After she was done speaking there was dead silence, for a long time and then some music started playing with some women on stacked screens appearing so she started waving at them.

Putting on a forced, unnaturally fixed smile, she nervously acted like she was surprised by the girls waving and moving around until it became even more awkward.

I am not sure they could see her but they must have been coached to start waiving crazily for a few minutes, at nothing.

One thing several people caught was the Biden team duplicated 3 of the girls, I guess because they could not find 30 who would volunteer.

Then out of the side came Sleepy Joe.

Considering Kamala’s strange delay in leaving the screens, in appears Joe was a little late coming out and when he did, without a mask on, the strangeness continued.

Joe did not shake her hand, give her a hug, or even get closer than 8 plus feet from her, he extended his arms to her then robotically pivoted waving to a mostly empty auditorium.

Wow, how embarrassing and unprofessional, but really does it matter?

Both candidates have significant baggage and Joe Biden probably can’t tell you what he did this morning.

We The People are much too good to tolerate these inept people from running our country.

If this team cheats their way into office, it will be chaotic or even worse, a total disaster of our American culture and Internal standing

Everyone VOTE (R) down-ticket on November 3rd. Our nation’s liberty depends on it.

Eric Thompson

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