“We Want to Outlaw Abortion,” Oklahoma Governor Signs New Abortion Law

The abortion issue is one of the most unthinkable, and really inexcusable of all the issues dividing our nation.

The advancement in technology allows Americans to see the development of the baby in the womb the entire term. With the advanced surgical techniques, surgeons have been able to successfully complete surgeries on babies, long considered to not be viable by medical and legal professionals.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt just signed an almost universal abortion ban Tuesday by making the procedure a felony. Medical emergencies are the only exception to the bill.

This comes after the Oklahoma House passed the legislation on Tuesday by a vote of 70-14.

Sen. Nathan Dahm, a Broken Arrow Republican who wrote the bill and is running for Congress, called it the “strongest pro-life legislation in the country right now, which effectively eliminates abortion in Oklahoma.”

The bill passed by the Oklahoma Senate last week and made its way to the Governor’s desk. Dubbed Senate Bill 612, it essentially bans all abortions, and those performing an abortion may be subject to penalties of up to 10 years in prison and a maximum six-figure fine of $100,000.

At the signing ceremony, Stitt announced “I promised Oklahomans that I would sign every pro-life bill that hit my desk, and that’s what we’re doing here today. We want Oklahoma to be the most pro-life state in the country. We want to outlaw abortion in the state of Oklahoma.”

The law also helps to curb the wave of Texas residents from crossing state lines to obtain an abortion following Texas’s Heartbeat Bill signed in the fall – a law that survived three attempts to be blocked. According to Axios, Oklahoma Planned Parenthood clinics saw a 2500% increase in Texas patients attempting to avoid Texas restrictions on abortions.

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Stitt explained, “We certainly don’t want Texans coming up to Oklahoma. That’s certainly not our intent to have Texans and other people from other states flood into our state to have abortions, so hopefully, this bill will curb that.”

With a 6-3 conservative majority in the Supreme Court, 26 states are expecting to increase restrictions on abortion with the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade in June. The expectation to overturn Roe v. Wade comes from the oral opinions expressed by justices in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Clinic case by conservative justices.

This is another win for those who simply choose to understand the value of life, for all people, whether inside or outside their mother’s womb. With more state legislatures introducing pro-life bills, the United States will continue to march towards a permanent divided status, consisting of states embracing nationalism or globalism.

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, many states will have nearly zero abortion, and others will take over the slaughter of babies in the womb, at record numbers.

The idea that “pro-choice” people can knowingly support infanticide in their states, is similar to the German and other European nation’s citizens who turned in innocent Jewish people to be rounded up and murdered without any ability to defend themselves.

The main difference is one tyrannical madman was responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews, while in the USA, Psychopaths, working at medical clinics, systematically murder one person at a time before selling the dead babies’ parts to the highest bidder, inducing schools and pharmaceutical companies.

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Thank God that Oklahoma has taken its stand, on the right side of history.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Eric Thompson Show.

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