Watch – Truck Drives Through Crowd Of Pro-Abortion Protestors In Iowa

As pro-abortion mobs published their plans to riot, following the expected formal announcement of the Supreme Court’s Dobb decision, overturning Roe v Wade, tensions hit record levels last week, especially in blue and purple states.

Following the announcement, a video of a black truck driving through a crowd of pro-abortion protesters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was published on Social media, capturing the moment.

“A man in a truck just ran down two peaceful protesters at the pro-abortion rally in Cedar Rapids,” tweeted writer Lyz Lenz from the protest. “Everyone seems to be okay. One woman had her foot run over. But it was terrifying.”

The reasons for the driver’s actions are unknown, but Lenz made a list of what she saw.

  • A couple of other facts from this event:
  • Protestors were ending the protest and walking in the crosswalk
  • The truck had the red light
  • The truck drove around other cars in order to hit protestors
  • The driver was screaming and a woman was in the car with him begging him to stop

Lenz also posted a photo of the truck that included the license plate, providing the police and others with needed information to help track down the owner of the vehicle.

Ashley Vanorny, a member of the Cedar Rapids City Council, also tweeted what she witnessed.

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“Tonight a truck jumped traffic + plowed into peaceful protestors crossing the pedestrian walkway at the Federal Courthouse. I was walking alongside them—the crowd included children alongside me,” she claimed.

Cedar Rapids Police said at least one person was injured by the truck but the injuries were minor.

In response to the violence committed by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA in 2020, several states worked on legislation addressing what additional rights should be given to drivers if their lives become endangered by one of their violent mobs.

Iowa was one of the states that passed one of these laws. Their state version offers some immunity to drivers who injure protesters when their cars have been blocked off during the protest.

For me, unjustified violence is never OK, but it is becoming more common in recent times.

As the United States continues to separate into distinct cultural camps, the taunting or threatening of people by activists, unfortunately, is allowing those mentally unstable to sometimes react dangerously.

With the way things are going, public conflicts will most likely become even more prone to violence, which is a sad commentary on what our nation has become.


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