'Showdown In Seattle" - The Police Take Down ANTIFA!

For months domestic terrorist groups, BLM and ANTIFA, have been allowed to terrorize local residents, shut down streets, and burnt down buildings and destroy cars, all in the pursuit of “social justice”.

Democratic politicians embraced these groups’ efforts, and some went out and marched with them, even during a pandemic.

Seattle’s Mayor, Jenny Durkan, actually characterized the protesting as part of a “Summer Of Love”.

Who could forget the new nation, CHAZ, which formed in downtown Seattle as the city council and mayor turned their backs on the police, further leading to anarchy.

During the months of protest, the mayor ordered the police chief to have her officers stand down and limited their options for stopping the rioters.

Eventually, after losing, then taking back control of a local police precinct building, the police were allowed, after determining when protests had turned into riots, to intervene and shut down the violence for the evening.

The terrorists did not like law and order returning and fought back but eventually lost.


With the increase in police actions, the Seattle City Council voted to cut some funding from the police. This insane decision was the final straw for the police chief.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned August 11th, abruptly announcing her departure just hours after the city council voted to cut $4 million from the police budget, strip the police department of some other resources, including cutting around 100 jobs.

A U-turn Just Happened

A predictable versal has taken place though, in Seattle and other collapsing leftist cities.  Polling is showing increasing disapproval of the violence in the streets and conservative candidates, especially President Trump, have closed the gaps on their opponents.

The left has gone into panic mode and is directing their comrades, to stop the rioting, while still supporting the SJW movements.

Here is Seattle now dealing with ANTIFA

When the mob showed up to the Seattle Police Officers Guild office – with Molotov Cocktails hoping to do damage – there was a pleasant surprise. The union blared @johnrich and @bigandrich –

 It triggered the agitator who was streaming last night. #BackTheBlue (warning: language)

Such a beautiful sight when the good guys win.

Who knows, if Seattle actually gets behind their police, and they clean up their homelessness situation, it might not be a bad place to visit again, in the distant future.

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