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VA School Hindering Top Students, Coddling Failing, Over “Equity”

The wussification of America has been underway for the past 3 decades.

As leftists have assumed more power in corporate America, education, non-profits, and even in sports leagues, their social justice agenda has reared up its ugly head by punishing the winners and elevating the losers.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Rejecting white and Asian, and male applicants has become common.
  2. Junior sports leagues have stopped awarding trophies to the best teams and instead are giving everyone a participation trophy.
  3. An increasing number of progressive high schools and colleges are doing away with ‘valedictorian’ speeches and awards.

The American ideal of hard work has been replaced by the need for ‘equity’ in the war on merit.

Social justice activists define Equity defined as “a solution for addressing imbalanced social systems. Justice can take equity one step further by fixing the systems in a way that leads to long-term, sustainable, equitable access for generations to come.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), equity is defined as “the absence of avoidable or remediable differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically or geographically.”  They also refer to difficulty when it comes to “inequalities that infringe on fairness and human rights norms.”

In light of equity, a woke school in Virginia is withholding and downplaying the notifications of national academic honors for students whose hard work earned them.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ) in Alexandria, Virginia, allegedly delayed academic awards for years because of its ploy to advocate “equal outcomes for every student, without exception.”

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The intentional delays are preventing many award-winning students from including what they earned on their college applications.

The school has even implemented a policy awarding students a 50% just for showing up to class, and administrators have eliminated zeroes entirely.

Michelle Reid, Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent, shared her vision for “equal outcomes” for all students.

Fox News Reported:

Virginia parents are outraged after a top-ranked high school allegedly delayed notifying students of national academic honors in the name of “equity,” making them unable to account for the recognition in some college applications.

Fairfax County parent Asra Nomani joined “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday to discuss why the school delayed the awards and the importance of meritocracy in the classroom.

“This year the entire controversy just blew up because the kids got their certificate, weeks after early college application deadlines, just dropped on their desks as if it was just another piece of paper,” Nomani told co-host Todd Piro.

“And this amazing mom named Shawna Yashar started asking questions, just like every parent’s got to do,” she continued.

“From issues of the drag queen story hours to indoctrination in the schools, this is another form of this race to the bottom that the schools are going through right now,” she added.

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“The delayed awards in question are given by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which recognizes top-performing high schoolers nationwide. TJ received the 2022 honors in October but did not distribute them to students until a month later, after early-application deadlines had passed, according to Nomani. Nomani’s son, a 2021 TJ graduate, was honored as a Commended Student in September 2020 but was never notified”, she wrote in City Journal.

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