UW-Madison Snowflakes ‘Physically Sick’ and ‘Hurt’ By Matt Walsh Event

The ramped-up attack on anything traditional is creating a generation of mentally unstable, perpetually nervous snowflakes who struggle to function in an open and free society.

Instead of enjoying the rights found in our nation’s founding documents, they gather in safe places and post on social media acting as victims.

These radicals become unhinged when conservatives are invited to speak on college campuses they are also attending.

University of Wisconsin-Madison students, faculty, and staff insisted they feared a conservative event that criticized gender ideology represented a “hate crime against women” and would promote violence against LGBT individuals, according to documents obtained by The College Fix.

The Fix recently obtained bias incident reports through a public records request for complaints made against the Young Americans for Freedom event featuring Matt Walsh.

The event was about transgenderism and shared a name with his “What is a Woman” movie.

Students, staff, and professors were left “angry,” “hurt” and “physically sick” at the thought of him coming to campus, based on complaints primarily filed before the event.

The documentary highlights the problems with gender ideology and was released by The Daily Wire and the conservative commentator.

The October 24 event sparked protests and Dean of Students Christina Olstad released an official message through Instagram that condemned Walsh as “harmful.”

In a display of virtue-signaling, hypocritical posturing, the Dean did not also criticize a graduate teaching assistant and law student named Jesikah Leeper for preventing the free speech rights of the hosts by tearing down several dozens of their event posters, or for preventing the event and filing a bias report against it.

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Others in the UW-Madison woke community were equally as upset.

A male student complained:

“I feel [the movie] is better described as a hate crime against women, especially transgender women in a video form. I believe by allowing YAF to host this event they are not only spreading hatred across campus, I think they are also in violation of a few RSO policies and will create a potentially unsafe environment, similar to similar events hosted at other universities.”

This same student felt “physically sick” while researching the movie.

“Upon researching this ‘documentary’ I found a wealth of evidence that this has clear themes of transphobia, misogyny, racism, ableism, and ageism,” the student wrote. “It has created a great upset within LGBTQ spaces on campus, many of us feel unsafe and frustrated that campus is allowing an RSO to put on this event.”

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