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USA & Europe WOKE, Steve Bannon Covers New Global Reparations

The World Economic Forum started in 1971 with the fruit of their globalist labor now paying off, to the decline of The United States, exponentially.

With their overarching agenda of global equity for the masses, they have put in place an elitists group of world influencers who will eventually govern the 7+ billion people on Earth, the Biblically predicted “New World Order”.

On Saturday the globalists in the West announced they will be paying reparations to a select group of nations, in line with The Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030.

The agreed to transfer nearly a trillion dollars of wealth from Western developed nations to poor African dictators and China in the name of global warming.

The agreement was promoted by John Kerry at the globalist COP27 talks in Cairo, Egypt.

Western elites believe the US and Western nations cased climate change  causing hurricanes, floods, drought, and tornadoes effecting third world countries disproportionality.

The redistribution of wealth will requiring the USA & Europe to give up their wealth, for global equity.

Via Steve Bannon on GETTR.


Bloomberg reported:

The COP27 climate talks in Egypt, which had appeared close to collapse on Saturday morning, edged toward a last-minute deal after progress on a landmark agreement to pay poorer countries for harm caused by global warming.

The proposal would establish a new fund next year for the cost of climate disasters. As talks continued into the evening, negotiators were focused on language that would meet European demands for tougher action on mitigating climate change. But a group of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Brazil and China, were pushing back on strengthening the text, delegates said.

Hundreds of officials are closeted in closed-door negotiations trying to find a text that will satisfy almost 200 nations before ministers start heading home after two weeks of talks. A final version will then be taken to an open plenary session for a final sign off.

“I’m cautiously optimistic at this point,” said Norwegian Energy Minister Espen Barth Eide.

On Saturday morning Steve Bannon invited on energy consultant Dave Walsh to discuss this insane and dangerous proposal.


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