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Progressive US Judge Blocks Deportations Of Migrant Families Under Trump-Era Order

The COVID pandemic caught the world off guard leading to poor decisions.

Many governments rushed to lockdown before getting the data on the virus, trying to stop the spread.

In an attempt to contain the outbreak nationwide, President Trump stopped travel into the US from China and Europe.

The Trump administration also instituted policies addressing the massive flow of illegal aliens, with high COVID infections rates.

The administration enacted Title 42 in March 2020 in response to the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants, often within minutes and without detention, at the border.

U.S. President Joe Biden has faced growing pressure from some immigration advocates, health experts, and fellow Democrats to end the so-called Title 42 order that has essentially cut off access to asylum for hundreds of thousands of migrants.

A federal judge on Thursday blocked the Biden administration from expelling migrant families at the border using Trump-era Title 42 public health protections, which both Trump and Biden administrations had used to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into the U.S.

Judge Emmet Sullivan, the judge involved in General Michael Flynn’s case, ruled that Title 42 does not give the government the power to expel migrants and has therefore blocked the order from being applied to migrant families. The ruling goes into effect in 14 days and does not apply to single adults, the majority of whom have been expelled under the order.

Sullivan dismissed concerns about COVID spread and overcapacity, arguing that mitigation measures are available and that about 86% of families were being released into the interior anyway. He was also not convinced by claims by the government that ending Title 42 would act as a pull factor and draw additional migrants north — something warned of also by former Trump officials.

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This is frustrating as this progressive judge overlooked the reality on the ground, the demands from his own side of the aisle, and instead ruled emotionally that illegal alines families can’t be deported, even during a pandemic.

Think about it America. NBA players, US Congress nor illegal aliens are exempt from the COVID vaccine mandates.

Justice is fleeting in our nations.

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