United Airlines Employees Sue Company – Violating Civil Rights Act Over New COVID Vaccine Mandate

The left starting frothing at their collective mouths following the November 3rd Presidential election.

Under the advice and consent from Barak Obama, (Biden regularly consults with Barack Obama on a ‘range of issues,’ Psaki says) Biden’s team created a list of every progressive policy they wanted to ram through the congress. After the Georgia run-offs elections gave the Democrats a slight majority in both chambers of the US Congress, the left’s expectations shot through the roof.

Well not so fast Obiden administration.

2 weeks ago President Biden announced that he would be illegally using OSHA , the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, to force businesses to vaccinate their employees. Before he could shuffle away from the podium though, lawsuits were already being promised from both sides of the aisle.

Prior to Biden’s new edict, United Airlines has already told all of its 67,000 US-based employees in August that they must be vaccinated for Covid by September 27 unless they had a religious or medical exemption.

United Airlines employees just sued the company over its Covid vaccine mandate.

Attorneys for the employees argued United’s vaccine mandate violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


According to the employees, United is not accommodating religious or medical exemptions as promised – rather, the employees are being put on six years paid leave.

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Fox Business reported:

The six employee plaintiffs say United Airlines has failed to approve accommodation requests regarding the vaccine and instead offered six years of unpaid leave for those wishing not to get the vaccine.

“We filed this lawsuit to protect the rights of honest, hardworking United Airlines employees who have religious or medical reasons not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. United has refused to grant any accommodations and these employees are scared by United’s draconian mandate that forces them to either get the vaccine or lose their job. That’s unacceptable in America,” Mark Paoletta, a partner at Schaerr-Jaffe representing the plaintiff, said in a statement to FOX Business.

Headquarters employees whose exemptions are approved will be placed on leave until United decides on safety measures, including whether the person needs to come into the office.

Lawyers argue that under the Civil Rights Act, United must make reasonable accommodations for employees, which could include requiring masks and testing for unvaccinated employees. Lawyers note that even the Biden administration’s recent vaccine mandate accepts COVID-19 testing as an alternative to getting vaccinated.

“This is not about how effective the vaccines are or whether United may mandate vaccination. The fact is that some people have sincere religious objections to the COVID-19 vaccine, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires employers to respect and accommodate those beliefs. United has failed to do this,” Paoletta said, adding that some United employees “also have special medical conditions” and physicians’ notes not to get vaccinated.


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