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Ukrainians Hit Beaches After Biden Sends $40 Billion To ‘Fight Russia’

In the United States, Americans are struggling with 40-year high inflation numbers, record gas prices, increasing rents and housing costs, and even having trouble getting baby formula.

Yet our nation’s government officials, President Joe Biden and the corrupt Congress, urgently sent another $40 billion in taxpayer funds to Ukraine.

Why is Joe Biden cutting sanctions on Chinese-made solar panels and lifting some tariffs on imports from China, plus sending this massive amount of money and other aid to one of the most corrupt nations on Earth, Joe is compromised!

According to the Daily Mail, Ukrainians, who are in a fight to save their nation in their military battle with Russia, are “flocking” to the beaches to catch some rays.

Just a few weeks ago, Ukraine’s capital came under siege from Russia’s invading armies and rocket strikes leveled buildings and killed civilians.

This past weekend, however, the fighting in the area seemed to have receded exponentially.

Many of the 2 million inhabitants who Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said had fled when Russian forces tried to encircle the city in March are now returning.

As a result, residents of Kyiv were out in their droves on Saturday to make the most of 34-degree temperatures, with hundreds enjoying the sunshine on the city’s central beach

The scenes are so peaceful and normal that if you didn’t know about the ongoing war with Russia, you would have no idea anything was happening whatsoever.

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According to the Daily Mail, even cafes and restaurants are open again. Everything seems “normal” until everyone is forced to return home for a strict 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew.

The fact that our nation sent over $50 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to Ukraine to help them to fight for their sovereignty, as their residents are returning to their homes, then out to the beaches, seems wrong on many levels.

We know Joe forced Ukraine’s government to fire the prosecutor closing in on Hunter for his fraudulent business dealings, and that Hunter got $5 from the wife of Moscow’s mayor.

From my point of view, this is Joe paying off those who helped Hunter by providing a massive amount of aid some of which is being used to launder massive amounts of money for the oligarchs.


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