U.S. Trademark Office WOKE? Rejects Trump’s Truth Social Trademark Application

Until Donald Trump jumped into the political fray, the left was moving forward with their agenda to “burn down” the existing capitalistic system, without much resistance from hard-working Americans who were not paying too much attention.

Even before former President Trump and his wife, Melania, went down the Trump Tower escalator, all radical deep state hands were called on deck to plan and execute a plan to destroy the entire Trump family and their real estate empire.

The FBI, with the approval of Attorney General Garland, recently raided Trump’s home in Florida executing a search warrant looking for documents them deem to be illegally in Trump’s possession. It appears that the left is playing the same game plan they used in the Russian Hoax.

In light of the constant attacks, the announcement that The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected Trump’s new social media trademark is raising eyebrows again.

CBS News reported:

A U.S. government agency has rejected a trademark application by Donald Trump’s Truth Social because the social network’s name isn’t unique enough.

In a filing from August 2, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office said Truth Social’s name is too similar to other businesses, which could cause consumers to be “confused, mistaken or deceived as to the commercial source of the goods and/or services of the parties.”

The reason cited is that the name is not unique enough and is similar to other businesses.

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The examples of similar companies that were given are Vero – True Social and the Truth Network.

The Daily Mail reported:

The patent office said the name of the company was too similar to Vero – True Social, an app-based social media platform, and the Truth Network, a Christian radio broadcast network.

They wrote in their filing that ‘the dominant wording TRUTH and TRUE communicate the same idea of being honest or emphasizing fact while networking socially’.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben explained more about the application rejection.


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