Social media, the online town square, with an original purpose of allowing those with diverse views to share their ideas and live freely without censorship.

Where you could find others with similar interests and a place to set up groups to encourage and connect with other members on a deeper level.

Lastly, personal “Pages” which are like online living resumes in which those who wanted to keep track of a person can follow their profile.

The idea of online communities sounded great, but just like in the real world, how do the civilized members deal with the pedophiles, porn “stars”, stalkers, violent people, and others whom they gave access to themselves, on these platforms?

With the impossible task controlling people’s actions completely, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are now employing AI and human account managers, whose ethics and training, is determined and supported by their progressive leadership, causing an increasing bias towards those they disagree with politically and philosophically.

So unlike the original goal of a digital town square with open dialogue, Silicon Valley’s applications now resemble more and more the free speech and restricted “freedoms” allowed on liberal universities.

Is some cases they have declined to a social structure, using an ethics determination system, similar to the People’s Republic of China’s “Social Credit Score”.

With humans determining what is acceptable content for their platforms you end up with unhinged people like this.

From Gateway Pundit

Twitter Representative Admits to Flagging President Trump but Not Genocidal Leader of Iran


Earlier this week at a Knesset hearing on anti-Semitism a Twitter’s head of police for the Nordic Countries and Israel Ylwa Pettersson told the committee that Twitter censors President Trump for posts “glorifying violence” but not the tweets from Iranian tyrant Ayatollah Khamenei threatening genocide against Israel.

Pettersson excused the threats against Israel as “foreign-policy saber rattling.”

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This was quite shocking.
It’s not just conservatives in America who are censored.

Last week Ayatollah Khamenei also threatened a bombing against the United States on Twitter.

These comments are OK?

Richard Grenell made this Twitter representative famous.

Where do you go for your information? What happens if you wake up and you and all your friends are removed from the major social media platforms?

The censorship will only increase, with their pseudo town squares ending up more like Tiananmen Square. Check out and


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