Twitter Engineer Admits ‘Twitter Does Not Believe In Free Speech’ – Video

In less than a month, the attempted takeover of the social media giant Twitter by Elon Musk, has gone from on, off, on, to now, let me look under the hood again.

The far-left employee pool at Twitter has been very open in their objection to Musk taking over the company. Their concerns are interesting as Musk is not known as a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

Starting with a company-wide all hands on deck meeting, where the leadership announced the board of directors’ approval of the billionaire’s generous offer, a few engineers and lower-level employees have publically expressed their concerns.

As someone who participated in over 1,500 Uber and Lyft rides for Big Tech employees from San Franciso to San Jose, I can confirm there is a collective group think present among the multi-national, well-educated engineers and support workers.

Leading up to former President Trump’s victory, in 2016, they appeared confident during our conversations, while I drove them from one tech building to the next, that Donald Trump would not be allowed to win the election.

Following the election, the rider’s demeanors flipped to crushed, scared, and angry snowflakes confused by what happened. A car full of Google employees told me a few of their managers had to take time off to recover from the shock they were dealing with.

In line with their typical modus operandi, Project Veritas recruited or already had embedded employees working at Twitter. They were looking for opportunities to record what employees were saying about Musk behind the scenes.

Well Booya, Project Veritas successfully recorded a conversation with a purported Twitter senior engineer. In the video, he is insisting that the company is “commie as f***” and openly “censors the right.”

Using a slew of hidden-camera video clips, senior Twitter engineer Siru Murugesan told an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the company doesn’t subscribe to the notion of free speech.

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“Elon [Musk] believes in free speech,” Murugesan said, noting that many of his “left, left, left, left, left” colleagues are distressed over what may happen if Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase goes through.

Musk had already reportedly put the accusation on hold as he demands more empirical data on the percentage of the Twitter users are real people, not computer-generated BOTS.

“Our jobs are at stake — he’s a capitalist, and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist,” Murugesan insisted. “We’re all like commie as f***.”

He added, “I think it’s just like the environment like you’re there and you become like this Commie — they call it ‘Commifornia.'”

“Twitter does not believe in free speech,” Murugesan insisted, adding that the company is “actually censoring the right, and not the left.”

“It’s true,” he said. “There is bias. It is what it is today.”

He added that he’s not sure “if two parties can truly coexist on one platform.”

Murugesan elsewhere added that Twitter employees did their best to “revolt against” a Musk takeover.

“We did all we could to like, revolt against it,” he insisted. “A lot of employees were revolting against it, but at the end of the day, the Board of Directors have the say.”

According to Benny Johnson, “Twitter has acknowledged that this video is authentic and this employee was speaking about “internal policies” at the company:”

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By: Eric Thompson, editor of Follow me on Twitter and MagaBook   

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