Jared Schafkopf, a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a public university, is facing a criminal felony charge after he recorded a conversation with associate professor of mathematics Rachelle Bouchat.

Schafkopf faces charges of disorderly conduct and wiretapping because Pennsylvania is a two-party consent state. In two-party consent states, at least two parties involved in a conversation must give permission to being recorded.

Schafkopf told Campus Reform in a phone interview Thursday that he went to Bouchat’s office to inquire about what he saw as political discrimination after he says he wore a Make America Great Again hat to her class the previous semester. Schafkopf said he wanted to ask Bouchat to see his final exam she had graded. Schafkopf claims that Bouchat, a “radical left professor,” discriminated against him for being a conservative by giving him no credit for entire math problems he answered correctly because he failed to show his work.

Schafkopf said that Bouchat “cared more about enforcing the syllabus and getting off the little power she had than me actually learning the material.” His conversation with Bouchat led to her“freaking out” and then calling the university police. Upon the police’s arrival, the officers asked Bouchat if Schafkopf had threatened or assaulted her, to which she allegedly answered “no” to both questions.

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