Trump BLOWS UP Over Sussmann’s Not-Guilty Verdict!

Since 2015, the deep state has been a thorn in the side of former President Donald J. Trump.

An exhaustive number of high-level political hacks, including former President Barack Obama, James Comey (FBI), James Clapper (NIA), John Brennen (CIA), and multiple lower-level agents worked tirelessly trying to assist former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton to get elected in the 2016 presidential contest.

Even after the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s team spent 40 plus million dollars investigating an alleged Russian connection with Trump, the infamous Russian Dosier, they came up with nothing.

It was discovered that Crooked “Hillary” Clinton had set up an illegal email server, allowing her to send classified documents off the record, a felony.

In the end, Hillary and her team were not charged at the time., but Special Counsel John Durham was appointed by former Attorney General William Barr to look backward and review the shady activities surrounding the FISA warrants, etc. used in the hoax.

Durham’s team methodically put together a case against a former Clinton Campaign attorney, Michael Sussmann, and it went to trial.

Unfortunately for justice, the judge and 3 jurors were compromised from the get-go, having relationships with those connected with the defendant at different levels.

Instead of recusing himself, and removing the jurors, the judge ordered the trial to move forward anyway.

Mr. Durham officially charged Sussmenn for making a false statement to the FBI in September 2016 when he said he was not working on behalf of any client when he brought information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

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After a two week trial, and more than a day of deliberations, the jury found that Durham’s team had not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Sussmann’s statement was a lie and that he was, in fact, working on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and technology executive Rodney Joffe when he brought two thumb drives and a white paper alleging a Trump-Russia connection.

On Tuesday, Former President Trump took to his growing social media App, Truth Social, to express his outrage over Sussmann’s equitle.

“Our Legal System is CORRUPT, our Judges (and Justices!) are highly partisan, compromised or just plain scared, our Borders are OPEN, our Elections are Rigged, Inflation is RAMPANT, gas prices and food costs are “through the roof,” our Military “Leadership” is Woke, our Country is going to HELL, and Michael Sussmann is not guilty.”

Conservative media outlets including Newsmax, OANN, and RSBN also relentlessly covered the special counsel’s probe and trial.

Following the verdict, Sussmann said that he had been falsely accused.

“I told the truth to the FBI, and the Jury clearly recognized this in their unanimous verdict today,” he said. “I’m grateful to the members of the jury for their careful thoughtful service. Despite being falsely accused I believe that Justice ultimately prevailed in my case. As you can imagine this has been a difficult year for my family and me. But right now we are grateful for the love and support of so many during this ordeal.”

Durham issued a short and direct statement expressing his office’s disappointment.

“While we are disappointed in the outcome, we respect the jury’s decision and thank them for their service. I also want to recognize and thank the investigators and the prosecution team for their dedicated efforts in seeking truth and justice in this case,” John Durham, the special counsel, said in a statement on Tuesday.

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