U.S. Culture War Accelerates, End Of The USA?

Is our beloved United States of America so divided that it can longer be expected to continue to function as the Constitutional Republic many cherish.

A nation of immigrants of which millions of patriots have died or been maimed protecting it from enemies abroad and from within.

Progressives have enjoyed control of the messaging and governmental authority in states identified as Blue, which include California and New York.

In addition, the federal government has grown beyond the intention of our nation’s founding fathers and has passed legislation that has controlled the actions of citizens nationwide, overriding the state’s legislatures.

In our nation’s corrupt capital, far-left lobbyists are throwing big money at politicians via speaking fees, etc. to help move along globalist policies.

These Marxists also control nearly every corporate news network, every major newspaper, Big Tech company, and the entertainment industry. They are also in the process of buying up all the Spanish-speaking radio stations in major swing cities.

With this dominance in every major area of our culture, except for two, talk radio and at the Supreme Court, the former Democratic party, which I now call the Marxist Party, has been lured into an arrogant complacency when it comes to reaching across the aisle for middle ground.

This is why from the White House to the local Trans club in San Francisco, the Supreme Courts’ recent rulings have liberals acting like immature, angry, and violent children, stuck in early adolescence, and suffering from arrested development syndrome.

This lack of control has them fire bombing pro-life businesses, pepper-spraying young girls in the face, and protesting in a lude and obnoxious fashion.

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So why are the Marxists, and social justice activists freaking out?

Over the past 10 days, the SCOTUS has vacated poorly decided cases in light of Federalism which, when there is no clear “right” found in the Constitution, the 10th amendment mandates that the decisions in the land must then be made by the states, not the federal government.

With no constitutional right for an abortion present, the six-vote conservative majority in the Supreme Court just took down one of the radical’s sacred cows, Roe vs Wade.

The court has also significantly limited the federal government’s ability to regulate so-called “climate change” and added muscle back to the second amendment by blocking liberal states and cities from barring most of their citizens from carrying concealed guns outside of their homes.

The question I and others are posing to those who still think is; Is the United States so diametrically divided on social, environmental, and health issues, that plans must be put in motion to separate conservative and liberal states formally, similar to the Europen Union?

California is already acting as its own autonomous nation.

The Golden State’s radical legislature has already passed legislation, signed into law by progressive governors like Gavin Newsom. Some of them are blatantly in violation of federal immigration laws, but they don’t care, and the Department of Justice is compromised.

With abortion rights now removed from being a national right, additional issues like climate change, gun control, and L.G.B.T.Q. and voting rights also provide no middle ground.

Neither side trusts the other and with progressives’ rejection of the Christian faith and thus many existing laws that have governed morality, the only thing that binds the divided nation is, that we are citizens of the same country, whatever it has become.

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On each of those issues, the country’s Northeast and West Coast are moving in the opposite direction from its midsection and Southeast — with a few exceptions, like the islands of liberalism in Illinois and Colorado, and New Hampshire’s streak of conservatism.

Even where public opinion is more mixed, like in Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas, the Republican state legislatures have ensured that policies in those states conform with those of the reddest states in the union, rather than strike a middle ground.

I am not sure how our nations can resolve this dilemma, but if the differences are not addressed, the U.S. could find itself back in another fight to divide, via force if necessary.

The good news, at least for now, most Americans don’t want to see this happen.


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