If we go back 6 weeks, we would see a feeble politician, hanging out in his basement, speaking to a few people a day via skype.

His name, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee.

Joe’s poll numbers, which had been really strong, had just leveled off and were starting to go down in swing states.

The BLM and ANTIFA riots from May to August, which were embraced by the left as just groups of disgruntled minorities, who, in spite of the pandemic, were still willing to risk everything.

Their objectives, according to their websites, was to bring attention to alleged police brutality and systematic racism throughout the US.

As even more videos were released and the attacks on the police were shown, the protesters, without masks and social distancing, turned into rioters tearing down popular statues, beating people up, and burning down businesses all on video.

The voters could see the actual violence from Portland, Seattle & NYC  on their nightly news. Those who were supporting their movements started to see more anarchy than protests.

They saw a suburban couple in St. Louis, trying to eat dinner, have an angry mob, breakthrough a gate, and threaten the couple lives, all on video. These groups told the news, that they would be coming to every city, which might have been the last straw.

The Biden campaign had to bring Joe out, in front of voters, and have tried to balance out the risk of not staying at home, with loss of support, and in front of people, trying to minimize his frequent mental lapses and gaffs.

According to The Federalist

Election 2020 is shaping up to be déjà vu all over again for the news media. In an effort to help push Joe Biden over the finish line, the Washington establishment is going all-in on the easily refuted idea that there has been no change in the presidential race over the last three weeks.

With Two Months To Go, a Steady Presidential Race,” writes Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report.

The Latest Polls, the Great Non-Tightening: This Week in the 2020 Race,” write Astead W. Herndon and Annie Karni of The New York Times.

In a time of disruption and unrest, the presidential race has changed little,” writes Dan Balz of the Washington Post.

After having botched the entire news coverage of the 2016 election, where all the “experts” repeatedly told the American public that Donald Trump had little to no chance of being the Republican nominee and even less a chance of being elected president, corporate media are back at it again, insisting all is well with the Biden campaign and the Democrats are safely on cruise control to take the White House and the Senate. Here’s the truth they are not telling you.

Biden has little enthusiasm for his candidacy. He is taking on an incumbent president with significant first-term accomplishments who has extremely energized supporters, to put it mildly. He had two major opportunities in August to generate some real excitement for his ticket and collect voters in must-win states for Democrats who had abandoned the ticket for Trump in 2016. Think Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Biden whiffed on both counts, picking a far-left California senator who has the farthest-left voting record of her colleagues, then hosting a convention and giving an acceptance speech where he did nothing to take on the ascending left that potential voters he needs to win have serious concerns and doubts about.

On August 1, Biden had a 25-point edge in the betting odds. By September 1, Trump had completely made up that deficit and the race was even among the betting public.

In Florida, a state the Trump campaign must win, Biden’s lead of 8.4 points in the RealClearPolitics average at the end of July sits now at 1.8, with the latest poll showing President Trump with a three-point lead. Quinnipiac, a pollster that is not perceived as Trump-friendly, shows Biden’s lead plummeting 10 points, from 13 to just three.

In Pennsylvania, an absolute must-win state for the Biden campaign, Biden’s lead of 8.5 in the RealClearPolitics average near the end of July has been cut in half to 4.2. Monmouth University, again another pollster not viewed as friendly to Trump, shows Biden’s lead falling eight points, from 11 to three points.

In MichiganWisconsin, and North Carolina, Biden’s lead from the end of July to the end of August has been cut significantly, according to the Real Clear Politics average.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows a 10-point momentum in Florida toward Trump, where he trails within the margin of error, and where Trafalgar has the president ahead by three points. (For what it’s worth, Trafalgar was the only pollster to correctly poll key states in the 2016 and 2018 races.)

Showtime America, just like 2016 the media is trying to push the inevitability of a Biden/Harris victory.

The same arguments, everyone hates Donald Trump because he is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and simply an orange man with a temper. The problem this time around, President Trump has a 3 1/2 year record of success.

When not obstructed, has kept his campaign promise.  Has done a lot for the black community, started the wall, moved the embassy in Jerusalem, cutting taxes, and on and on.

Sleepy Joe, who makes Hillary look like the sharpest tack in the box, has a terrible 47-year history in DC, and can barely function as 77 years of age.

If Biden was a shoo-in, you would not see all the talk about mandatory mail-in ballots, discussions on what to do if President Trump loses but refuses to leave, or would not fear the upcoming debates so badly. President Trump would leave the office with honor, in the event of a legitimate, significant, and accepted election result.

The numbers show the election is running the same as in 2016, so act like Trump is behind again, and let’s show up in even larger numbers. MAGA 2020





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