Indiana Woman Get’s Text Sent In Error, Sends Baby Shower Gift To The CA Couple Anyway

The daily lives of most Americans are filled with constant noise and for many of us increasing marketing texts and phone calls.

In addition, some people are typing in the wrong number when sending texts, leading to the unexpecting recipients trying to decipher who sent them and why.

A woman in Indiana received an invite to their baby shower by accident but felt led to and did send a gift to an expecting couple in California.

David Amastae and Candace Countryman recently welcomed their baby girl, Luna. Prior to their daughter being born, the couple, who currently lives in California, had been preparing for the baby shower and sent out invites via text message.

In error, a message was sent to Angela White’s phone, who lives in Camby, Indiana.

“Every time I thought about it, I was like I didn’t get that text just randomly,” White told Fox59. “I don’t know why, but there was a reason why I got that text and invite to that shower.”

Those thoughts nudged White to send the couple a gift through her small business, Brayve Blanket Co. In her special delivery to the couple, she included a typed letter explaining the error and why she felt compelled to send it over.

“I just couldn’t get that feeling to go away, so I made the blanket and sent it with hopes it would make its way to them and it did,” she said.

Countryman and Amastae said they were blown away by White’s act of kindness and how someone they never met could be so generous to them from thousands of miles away.

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“My mom kind of put it best,” said Countryman. “She was just like oh my gosh, Luna is so blessed. My mom never talks like that. She is just so blessed and loved that a stranger sent her a gift. This is so crazy.”

The couple reached out to their local news station to “pay it forward” after White’s gesture. On Thursday, in a Zoom interview set up by FOX59, they were able to virtually meet for the first time.


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