Tesla Car Battery ‘Spontaneously’ Bursts Into Flames On California Highway

Many times in recorded history the rush to be first in the development of a product and or a new service doesn’t allow adequate time to identify all the potential adverse effects from taking place.

The huge push by climate activists is incentivizing entrepreneurs to develop alternatives to gas-powered vehicles, specifically automobiles.

Tesla has been a leader in the electric car industry pushing the envelope on speed and the distance the cars get can per battery charge.

But as Elon Musk, the industry pioneer, pushes to dominate the space, some close calls, injuries, and deaths of their unexpecting customers have taken place.

A Tesla car battery “spontaneously” burst into flames on a California freeway Saturday, and firefighters needed 6,000 gallons of water to put it out.

The official Twitter account for the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District issued a series of tweets documenting the incident near Rancho Cordova in California on Saturday.

“Crews arrived to a Tesla Model S engulfed in flames, nothing unusual prior. 2 Fire Engines, a water tender, and a ladder truck were requested to assist,” the department tweeted with four photographs.

“Crews used jacks to access the underside to extinguish and cool the battery. Thousands of gallons were used in extinguishment.”

They went on to say that the battery cells continued to combust as firefighters attempted to put out the fire.

“Thankfully no injuries were reported.”

When they were challenged as to whether they always report information about all car fires or only for Teslas, the department responded.

“Great question! We report anything that would be of interest to the public. EV and lithium power is still fairly new technology, and proving much more challenging to extinguish,” they tweeted.

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“For reference- 6,000 gallons of water is far more than we generally use on a house fire,” they added.


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